Rich Wars was created and published by “Netmarble” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

The game is considered a Real-time PVP board game. If you were a fan of the famous monopoly game, then this one would be the perfect fit.

Get the Rich Wars cheats to increase your cash, stack holders, and dominate the whole scene.

Get Started

Here in this Rich Wars review, we will be covering the main characters with their attributes, so read the following guide carefully and know exactly what you will be dealing with.

First character got here is Bella; she is fast-fingered Bella. Her swift fingers do not stop, even when she is in a rich wars match.

Second character we got here is Brandon, he is a genius hacker. He always has a plan, or so he claims.

Austin is a quiet and calculating as they come, even I have trouble getting a read on him. We have also Gemma, I guarantee that little bag of hers holds enough of a fortune to buy a chateau.

Now, you have a full vision over the main characters but do not still connect that with the in game path.

Choose Your Character Carefully…

Here are the main benefits of picking each character; you should know them with details.

  • Gemma: it will grantee you to start the game with more stacks than other players. So, the main attribute of this character is becoming rich without limits.
  • Austin: doggedly persistent, he rolls more often to achieve his goals.
  • Brandon: he uses his ingenuity to find a way to skip paying rent.
  • Bella: she sometimes steals stacks when passing her opponent.

In addition, if your goal was to get extra stacks, then the Rich Wars Hack should become your highest priority at the current moment. Learn more about it down below…



Gameplay Info

The game is based on buying and selling properties, but that is a little bit complicated and not that easy you are expecting.

We recommend you to use the Wi-Fi connection to download any additional data. This will probably vary between 20MB to 50MBS.

Moving now the gameplay features. If you are interested in learning more about the playing experience, then read the following segment, as it will be packed with all the necessary information, including the importance of Rich Wars Hack.

How To Win?

Once the game begins and you are already matched against an opponent, there will be a notification about the special completion.

If you ever managed to finish the special completion task, you will win instantly. In addition, in our case, we were supposed to own three cities, Istanbul, Berlin and Moscow.

The Rich Wars Hack will help you with owning these cities, so you may not find a suitable challenge for your skill level at the beginnings.

  • Tap on the roll button, the output number of the dices will be added and your character will move steps based on the number.

In our case, we have moved to Istanbul. Each city you will step onto will have its land price, house, Apartment, hotel. Each building will have its own cost and you must have enough money before investing into big cities.

Increase Your Cash Income With Rich Wars Cheats!

Remember that building a building on an empty city. Will collect rent when an opponent lands on it. That is one of the smartest ways to get extra money.

  • You will receive some power boosters during your journey. The first booster is called power charged.
    • Acquire a city or build an additional building. Use the Rich Wars cheats to build a landmark over every city you are passing by, which will trap your opponent and he will have to pay you rent for every step he takes.

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