The game is still in in the beta phase so there are not much to speak about as an introduction to the entire gameplay storyline. But you can learn more about the gameplay in depth by reading the following review and use the RIVAL Crimson X Chaos cheats to cover up your entire spending’s in the game totally for free.

RIVAL Crimson X Chaos was created and published by “Section Studios, Inc.” Company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

You will need and Android version 4.4 and up to run the game, but this is not the ideal requirements to run the game smoothly.

Gameplay Overview.

In our RIVAL Crimson X Chaos guide we will be diving directly into the gameplay and the first thing we are going to cover is the controlling and battle mechanism. Helping the new players to have a better understanding of the different features inside.

The battlefield is split into two sides, one side is mainly for you and that is when you will be placing all your efforts protect the base.

Your base is split into three small towers and there will be the main one standing right in the middle. Keep an eye over their health points as once they are destroyed you will be accumulated as a loser of the battle. And we can say the same on the opposite side and that is where your mission is waiting for you.

How to Play?

Here are the most important RIVAL Crimson X Chaos tips we have managed to gather during the playtime in the game so far.

Drag a unit from the units list at the bottom side of the screen into the battlefield. But there are certain conditions keeping this process limited and under control.

Each unit will consume a certain amount of energy points as shown over the unit card. The energy points are regenerating automatically in a long bar at the bottom side. Try to use your energy points correctly, because you do not want to run out of energy during a critical stage.



Learn to use Your Energy Points.

Some units will require energy points to be summoned more than others, that is totally depending on the strength of a unit and how it will be performing on the field.

Understand your unit’s powers to utilize them perfectly and with the RIVAL Crimson X Chaos cheats, you will manage to obtain a whole new set of units, whom will be demolish the enemy’s base.

You do not control them on the field, they will start moving forward towards the nearest tower and try to take it down, but you will decide the path they are taking. So choose the summoning location carefully.

Get The Best Out of Your Leader.

Your leader is located on the left side of the unit’s bar. The leader is usually stronger than any other unit on the field and it is not an easy task to take him down.

Your enemy will have a leader of his own as well, so it is advised to let the both leaders face each other and to play it smart, get RIVAL Crimson X Chaos hack to have some decent back up ready on the field as well to give assistance to your leader on the greatest battles.

The Ultimate Guide to Become a Pro.

To finish the leader’ part for good, each leader has his own special ability. And the starting leader will have a golem that will be summoned. These golems are having very high health points and attacking damage.

This is your special card that will win you the hardest battles. Receive awards for winning battles and with the RIVAL Crimson X Chaos hack, you will be in no need for any further help to write your name on the top of the leading board.

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