This is a racing game, it was created and published by “ShortRound Games” the game was released on 17 Feb, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to prove your skills at racing and to win against the different players, also make sure to use the Rival Gears Racing cheats to get all the money you need to upgrade each part of your racing car.

Follow The Tutorial To Understand How Did All The Started!

Countries across the globe have outlawed personal car ownership – state supplied driverless vehicles are now the only option permitted, new anti-gravity technology has become wide-spread unlocking the potential for higher speeds and better efficiency a small underground movement has risen – people missing the thrill of racing their own vehicles search the junkyards for classic cars to hot rod, packing these rides with latest technology, they battle it out on the streets in head to head high speed, high stakes racing, do you have what it takes to beat the best? Now make sure to read our Rival Gears Racing tips to understand how you are going to control your car.

Meet Duncan Your Mechanic Friend To Teach You The Ropes!

Hey. I’m your new mechanic, Duncan. Your agent asked me to teach you the ropes, so let’s hit the training track first before we challenge a real opponent, tap the left or right arrow to change lane, move into the correct lane to get the pickups, now let’s spread the pickups over multiple lanes and see how you do, your boost bar at the top of the screen fills up as you race, skillful maneuvers make your bar fill faster! When you are ready, hit the boost button to try it out, watch out for traffic they will flash their hazard lights if they are in your lane, ok let’s start ramping up the traffic, see if you can collect all the pickups without crashing! Congratulations you have completed your training, let’s move onto the next lesson, but before that make sure to use the Rival Gears Racing cheats to get all the money you need to upgrade your car.

Pick One Of The Boosters To Help Your Through Your Race!

Let’s get you a new ride! Pick a car and we will hit the streets! You have three starting cars, choose one of them and buy it, and finally confirm your choice to get started, nice ride, let’s hit the streets and start building our rep! Welcome to the race hangout, this is where the real action takes place! Real players from all over the world gather here to face off against each other for glory, prizes and of course gold hard cash! Tap on race to begin your first one, select a bet and I will find you an opponent to race… let’s choose a 5k bet as an example, during the pre-race countdown you have a chance to buy boosts to give yourself an edge, these boosters are cash boosts, performance boosts and start line boosts, now let’s explain each one:

1-Cash Boosts: increase the amount of money that you will earn during this race.

2-Performance Boosts: tune your car to give it the best performance.

3-Startline Boosts: allow you to start the race with a fully-charged boost.

Work Harder On Upgrading All Of Your Racing Car Components!

Great driving! Here are some free upgrade components! Each upgrade is made from five components, the more components you own, the cheaper it will be to install or repair upgrades.

You are doing great, just win 2 more races in the hangout and you will enter the Rival Gears Championship! So make sure to upgrade your car to the maximum to be able to win the different tournaments and always remember becoming second is always forgettable, and finally make sure to read our Rival Gears Racing guide to learn how to dodge the traffic.

Obtain The Rival Gears Racing Hack To Unlock New Features!

Always remember that you can play with or against your friends, you can always team up with them to race online against different player, but before that make sure to train hard and to upgrade all the parts of your car, but to do so in no time you will need to get an extra help from the Rival Gears Racing hack.



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