Road Draw 2 Moto Race was created and published by “Fun Free Puzzle Game” company and it is available on the Android and IOS stores.

One of the most interesting games that we have played in the past few weeks. The idea of you thinking ahead of the scooter and deciding how you will manage to find the perfect path is interesting.

Having the most powerful bikes could only be done via the in-game purchase, but also the Road Draw 2 Moto Race cheats will provide that for you for free.

Quick Intro

The game is coming in several playable languages, you can change them through the options menu, where you can also restore the purchases you have if you did it by mistake or even visit their Facebook page.

Since you are reading this preview now, then you will not have any troubles understanding the English language.

We are not expecting you to use the restore purchase feature, as the Road Draw 2 Moto Race cheats will do the magic for you. You can enjoy all the items from the in-game store free.


The game begins by giving you a very simple interface and a boy sitting on blue scooter, you can change the color from three options available on the left side. In addition, maybe even change the character style but that will cost you gold coins.

You can do all of these customizations and get enough gold coins from Road Draw 2 Moto Race hack.

The motorcycles can be changed according to certain conditions. Some of them would only require gold from you and others could require from you some types of actions to be done.

For example: the off-road will require from you to share and invite your friends to the game and it will be unlocked instantly.

If you are looking for more vehicles to use, then downloading another game and expansion of the game is an option here.

Disable and enable the game sounds by tapping on the speaker’s icon located on the top right corner as well, this is showing you how simple the game is. In addition, before we proceed into the next segment, keep reading our full set of Road Draw 2 Moto Race tips for better results.



How To Choose The Perfect Bike?

The bikes are coming with certain attributes. Each one of them will represent an action on the road regarding this bike.

  • Power: the ability to go over obstacles and high grounds.
  • Speed: we do not need to explain this for sure
  • Fuel Capacity: the bigger your tank is, the longer distance you can travel for without picking up any bonus fuel tanks.
  • Suspension: responsible for handling the difficulties throughout the road.

All of the stats that we have mentioned above could be upgraded with Road Draw 2 Moto Race hack.

Choose From two Interesting Modes

There are two different playable modes in the game. The endless mode that has no target or goal, it will be unlocked as soon as you reach level seven.

The other mode is the regular one that has missions and goals to be achieved. You cannot jump from stage to another unless you have completed the previous one.

Start the first mission by drawing a road to help your scoter pass through. Your target is to keep drawing bridges and necessary objects to keep the scoter going forward.

Get advanced scoters with the Road Draw 2 Moto Race hack to help you to move further and with higher speed as well.

Key Features

The distance you have covered will be shown as a tracker and on the other side; you can see how much fuel you have left in the tank.

Be quick and the lines you are drawing must be designed specially to increase the speed of the scoter you are driving for maximum results.

Using the rubber to remove the lines you have drawn is a smart move, and the Road Draw 2 Moto Race cheats is even a smarter move.

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