The main idea behind the game is to help Cluck becoming the greatest racer of all time. So you must prepare yourself to follow no rule and do whatever it takes to reach your target in this racing game. And of course the Road Warriors cheats now will become the most wanted service to accomplish this target!

Road Warriors was created and published by “Lucky Kat Studios” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on any Android or IOS platform.

Tap Anywhere to Start!

Bleep bloop, the weird alien has just uploaded your brain into the simulation successfully. And that is a very surprising event as you will get to realize that the car you are driving currently does not have any brake pedals. And that is a very interesting part, that will be taking you into the real thrilling challenge and part. They can do other interesting stuff still; you may jump for example. And that would be taking us into the next phase of the Road Warriors guide, which is teaching the readers about the controlling parts of the game.

Any tap on the screen at the bottom side will result in jumping with your car. And actually the jumping function was created mainly to help you to get over the obstacles. The warning sign will appear few seconds before you get in contact with the obstacle.

The hardest challenge of the game is to get the right timing on point and also you have to get your parts together and move forward towards your target. So we have to remind you once again that the jumping timing is very important.



Flip and Earn a Boosted Speed!

Now, you are already aware of the main movement and idea of the game, but we have decided to give you with some advanced Road Warriors tips and also mention to you the secondary features of the game.

So, lets spice things up and do so some flips! Right before a bump in the road, jump and keep your finger on the screen. But that is not everything we have to do when it comes to flipping.

Holy blood, you will notice some flames getting out of your car once you get the flips done. Knowing that the flips will give you a boost and make you go through obstacles. Maybe that is a very interesting and entertaining part for you to accomplish the mission much faster.

Also the Road Warriors cheats would enhance your progression rate as well, but you should be keeping this option to the last because it will be killing the main fun factor of the game. And now with the final step to complete the basics of the training is the Combat!

You are not only racing and jumping over obstacles, you are also fighting and entering combats. The enemies are trying to take you down by any method and we are trying to keep you alive!

Combat System Explained.

Winning the battles is a must thing, so you cannot dodge such a thing or skip learning this segment. So tap the crosshair to go into combat. Tap on the enemy to fire and finish the job. Once you tap over the crosshair the camera will change and you can see things starting to look differently.

Ha-ha, you just obliterated that other driver. Hope you do as good in the field. But I guess you need to understand exactly how the battle system is working in the game, but before we progress through this segment. We have to remind you to put your hands over Road Warriors cheats service to obtain the latest and strongest weapons in the field.

Moving back to the battle scene and how the animation is working. Once you tap over the car, you can see your car in a close combat scene face to face with the opponent. Tap quickly on the screen to shoot on the enemy, but you have to adjust your shooting angels carefully to be able to hit the target.

The time limit is very critical, you do not have the day long to aim and shoot on the enemy side. So you must keep that in mind.



Save Your Progression at The Check points.

Moving from one checkpoint to another is your main goal, as it will be offering you several benefits and advantages to snatch and keep in your side. Main part is you will be able to save the progression you have achieved.

So if you ever got killed or failed at some point through a crash, you will be able to start once more from the latest check point you have passed by. But we are expecting you to have a very smooth challenge once you use the Road Warriors hack, but we would love to remind you with some extras.

The savings at the check point is not coming for free, but the game will grant you some free coins at the start and we are actually scared about this part. So we believe it is our role to remind you to use Road Warriors hack and obtain any number of coins you want and enjoy the saving feature instantly.

I guess you are now looking for alternative methods to be able to collect more coins, and this will be our main section in the next segment as well.

General Recommended Tips for Advanced Players.

When you are done relaxing at the checkpoint phase, hit the play button to get a taste of what a real race might be like!

Here are main instructions you should be keeping them in your head at the starting scenes of the game. If you have managed to follow these instructions carefully, we can assure you that your name will be written on the top of the ranking table. And at the start, you may get the Road Warriors hack into service.

  • Collect coins by going further in the game stages, taking out enemies and picking them up on the road. And also you may watch videos related to the creating company and get coins as a reward in return.
  • Flipping with your car must be done carefully with a little bit thinking ahead. Knowing exactly when to release your hands from the screen to let your car land correctly is such an art, that many people are missing.
  • Increase your movement speed by upgrading the car or purchasing a new one. And the ideal way to afford doing such a move is by using Road Warriors hack.
  • Feel free to customize the game by entering the settings menu and changing the personalized settings that are not matching your needs.

Feel free to take a screenshot from the game, you do not have to do the power button and home button at the same time, the game is offering you this feature and you may also share it instantly through your social media accounts and brag about a certain progression or something you have done. But do not let anyone know that you are using the Road Warriors cheats service, as it will deny you all the great progressions you have achieved.

Final conclusion: the game is a perfect pick if you are looking for a none boring game and continuously offering a new challenge into the table.

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