Tons of free Available Solutions to Be Used Without Any limit! Get The Roll the Ball slide puzzle Cheats to See Your Dream Comes True.

The most anticipated brain storming game has finally made a way to the android and IOS stores way, and it was created by “BigMango” company which is famous for similar puzzle and smart games.

Prepare yourself to start working on moving the ball from one position to another and start using the given puzzle pieces for your own favor in order to reach the given destination at the mission, it actually varies from one level to another, and once you progress further in the game things will start to get complicated and much harder to match your skill level, so you would never find it boring or super easy game at the long run, remember to use the Roll the Ball slide puzzle cheats so you would be enjoying the freedom of getting solutions inside the missions and if you do not understand what are the solutions are and the importance of them then keep reading the Roll the Ball slide puzzle guide to understand it and know how to use them in the most efficient way.

The Game Suits All the Genders and Ages!

This game is suitable for any ages no matter what you are adult, kid or even a teenager, you shall be finding this game very interesting and fun to play in, and it doesn’t ask you to have any sort of internet connection to play it, so you can simply access it and start playing whenever and wherever you want with just a simple tap on the game’s icon and let the brainstorming beings!



Enter The Game Every day TO receive Awesome Rewards and Use Roll the Ball slide puzzle Hack as Well for The Same Purpose.

Make sure you are entering the game daily even if you are not playing it frequently, since it will start giving you each day you open the game a decent daily reward, which is very helpful and would help your progression in the game without any effort to mention, it is as easy as using the Roll the Ball slide puzzle hack,

Several Difficulties Available to Match Up Your Skills.

The game comes in different packs, in other words the missions are categorized in 6 levels, each one would be presenting a difficulty level, but you cannot unlock a new level before completing the previous ones, so keep progressing and unlocking new levels and difficulties which would make the game insanely interesting and fun to play in, each level has a certain number of missions and quizzes to complete so far,

Undo Your Mistakes as If They Never Happened.

If you ever done a wrong move or a mistake inside the game, then you shall not worry you can still undo it, but if things gets complicated and unsolvable then you got no other option but actually using the reset button, which would allow you to start all over again form the begging, but you need to keep in mind that every mission you will complete there will be rating based upon it, and you will never be able to complete or advance to the next level of the game before getting a minimum amount of stars and achievements in the game, and one more thing to mention here as we are speaking about the game functions and features, which is the ability to turn on or off the game sounds, they are not the most pleasing thing to listen to during the playtime so if you wish to start listening to your own favorite playlist or music then turning off the game music shall be the wise thing to do.


Move the puzzles and start rotating the blocks at the game to create a safe pathway for the ball, and your target is to make the ball reach the red block which is the exist for the trapped ball inside maze, read the article to its fulfillment so you would be benefitting totally from the Roll the Ball slide puzzle tips we are providing our readers with, and complete the mission with the minimum amount of moves to score highest scores.


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