This is a very interesting turn based game, it offers a new experience of its type and you must be ready for the challenge you are about to enter. Your main goal is to restore peace back and make the void live in harmony once more.

There are several features locked inside and this will require a certain type of work from you to get it done. The RoV Tactics cheats will get this part covered.

RoV Tactics was created and published by”OKAM STUDIO” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS.

This is one of the most interesting games that we have played in the recent months, the graphics quality is pretty much average on every term but it is still beating out several opponents on the same category. Right now, the RoV Tactics hack will boost up your performance and put you on the top among the other players.


It brings galaxies and stars closer to each other. It creates clusters and neighbors. Everything is a part of the void. The void is our Cosmos and our Chaos. As civilizations developed more and more. Life out of atmospheres was mastered and when the human race started to colonize the void, it came a long way of mixing with other species.

Nowadays it is odd to see a human with a pristine genome. Humanity now is more of a concept. The void is full of life. Precious life that deserves to be cherished. Reading ourRoV Tactics guide will only improve your chances of restoring the peace into the city.

Gameplay Sequence.

The void is full of life. Previous life that deserves to be cherished. That is where you came in, hero of the void. An old threat is back and the realms are in danger. An old warlock escaped from its prison and our realmsgreatest are trying to capture him again. However, the odds are uncertain…

Do not miss your objectives! Remember to come to the assistant to get your rewards and be on the lookout for the next quests! Just enter the minstrel screen. Quest tab! Following our RoV Tactics tips will simply take you into the other dimension.



The Rafter Escapes!

This is the first mission you will ever get to encounter, so following the basics and remembering the main storyline quotes will help you to put you on the success track.

Delrina is the commander of the early stages and he cannot believe that the main enemy has managed to escape the crown’s cellars! In addition, this shall be the first point of the controls tutorial. Learn more about the secret moves on the next segment.

How to Play?

Swipe with your finger on the screen to attack the enemy. In addition, you can customize everything including the changing of the sensitivity from the settings menu.

Swipe horizontally to rotate the camera. Out of the way, you dark spawn! Keep moving to the right tile to be able to perform attacking combos on your enemies.

The RoV Tactics cheats will help you on this regard. Imagine having an instant access to the full set of the game features without any restriction or limitation. Worry no more about running out of money.

Final Verdict.

STR archetypes has high physical resistance and weak elemental resistance. So trying your best to dominate the battlefield is such an important thing to consider.

STR attacks deal physical damage and you can tap his portrait to check his stats. Attack to enemy and double to highlighted area and that is how the attacking moves are being performed.

Make sure that you are upgrading and improving your hero as soon as possible and do not let anything to chances or luck. The RoV Tactics hack will ensure that your account balance are on their highest stack as this is an important thing to consider.

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