Create your own kingdom and improve your rights to rule the entire world in one of the most exciting strategy games in the markets at the moment, take out your rivals before they advance on you and destroy your castle, build defenses and raise an unstoppable army, equip your journey with Royal Revolt 2 cheats so you would be having the most valuable currency in the game which is the gem, they can be used for various operations so remember to use the cheat regular as its service is coming for free.

The game was created by the famous company “flaregames” and it is available for IOS and android Platforms downloading.

Welcome to The World of Revolt!

Hey, are you ready to conquer a kingdom and lay waste to your enemies? But now let’s start with a simple castle and crush the defenses you are going to face on your way of taking the control over it.

But battles are not everything in the game, there is always a space for you to stay in peace and train up your troops in the troop academy maybe even build some buildings for your civilians so their morality would be increase, during the peace time it is actually recommended to build defenses and towers so you could be able to block the incoming attacks.

Smart Combat Style.

The combat scene is very unique and intelligent, let’s give you a brief view over the first mission at the game since this is the main Royal Revolt 2 guide, you can be finding a blue bar located at the bottom of the screen consisting of sequences each one would allow you to summon knights that can engage in battles until they are dead and after they all are dead you will be able to resummons them into the combat, but you do not have a control over them as you will be playing with your own knight.

Special Abilities and Unique Powers.

The knight has much stronger earth points and also can play a more role in winning the combat for you, in order to move around from one location to another use your fingers to tap on the screen, and you can be finding the special skills located at the right bottom corner use it with cation as it goes on cool down as soon as you use, but once it is off the coo down you can simply use it again without having to give anything in return, keep reading for more Royal Revolt 2 tips.

The King Must Survive in The Battle at Any Cost!

The king enters the battle with his knights surrounding him but the soldiers will never be able to take out buildings on their own, they will just engage into battles with the other kingdom`s soldiers so you would be having the space to sneak in and take out towers and gates as they will be following you wherever you go, it would be wise if you use the Royal Revolt 2 cheats as using the gems would be enabling you to increase the knights abilities and powers and that is simply an easy way of achieving victory.

The Royal Revolt 2 hack will be Supporting Your Journey with The Free Gems.

And now that is a great news as this castle is going to be the center of our kingdom, and now let’s look at the gems you have received from causing this castle at the beginning, remember that the number of gems can be increased rapidly by three methods, the first one is using he Facebook to login to the game and you will be awarded with 35 gems in return, and also your game data will be cloudy saved, the second option we got here is by capturing other kingdoms and completing missions but this method will be taking too much effort and time, the last one which we are considering he east I s by having the Royal Revolt 2 hack for free, and start receiving all the numbers of gems you want.


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