The most anticipated game in this year has finally arrived in its English version and they did not skip anything from the original version. Now you can use the RPG Elemental Knights R cheats to boost up your performance in the elemental knight’s journey for free!

RPG Elemental Knights R was created and published by “Winlight Co.,Ltd.-eko” company and it is available on android and IOS stores.

How to Create a New Character?

First thing has countered in the game was the character creation process and that is when you will get three options to choose from. The game is offering you to create a random male character or a random female one to save yourself the time and effort.

If you have enough time and would love to customize your character personally, then enter the edit section and you will find all the necessary and details you are looking for in the character creation phase.

Next thing is to pick up a name for the character and when it comes to the class. You can choose from several classes available. But the fighter class is the recommended one for you at the beginning. Reading more in RPG Elemental Knights R guide will give you more knowledge when it comes to the battle and classes picking.

Choose A Class from Four Different Ones.

The game is offering four different classes to choose from, and we will be listing them out with the main pros and cons to help you to choose the right one. Try to use the RPG Elemental Knights R cheats to see the maximum potential out of these classes.

  • Fighter: A warrior able to use shield and swords, excels in close combat. Gain EXP to change your class to guardian or magickngiht. The main cons are the low magical defense and ranged battles.
  • Wizard: Manipulating great powers, wizards cast numerous spells. Gain EXP to change your class to a warlock or Magickngiht. The main cons are the melee and close battles.



Extra Tips for Advanced Players.

The remaining two classes will be covered here with some extra RPG Elemental Knights R tips for the advanced players.

  • Thief: A blade specialist who wields daggers performs cunning tricks. Gain experience to change your class to an assassins or a monk. Main cons are the low defense and once discovered during the battle, will be slayed down instantly.
  • Cleric: the healer, this class makes sure that everyone in the battlefield is surviving and gaining extra buffs. We love this class and it is a must have in the party battles.

Security Instructions for Beginners.

When you are creating the character for the first time, make sure you are not entering your real name, email address or phone number. And this will boost up your security levels and help you to stay safe from being hacked at any chance.

Also make sure that your internet connection is active and ready to download any extra files being lately added to the game. Do not worry as the most of these patches will usually come in low size.

The resoruces you have gained from the RPG Elemental Knights R hack will not be affected with these patches updates at all.

Gameplay and Controlling Mechanism.

We have tried our best to deliver to you the main parts of the storyline, but the English version of the game did not include any English subtitles to the storyline scenes. So that is something we will be skipping out.

The main controls of the game are very basic and we did not notice anything special. You may move around by tapping on any part on the screen and when it comes to attacking. Then you can enable the auto-attack mode from the bottom right corner.

You can start mixing out your special skills with the auto attack mode to deal massive damage to the enemy. And upgrading your hero with the RPG Elemental Knights R hack would take you to some new levels.

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