You have been transferred to an unknown world and find yourself in woods, this is how it all begins at RPG fernz gate by “KEMCO”, the game is defined as role playing game where you have to fight and defend yourself from monsters who had destroyed fernland, the game is available for both android and IOS devices, through choosing from many answers and questions your game will be played like that way, so let’s talk about RPG fernz gate tips and what you will find through the game and then talk about RPG fernz gate hack and what to get from it.

Simple Design.

The game is design is very simple, but the design of characters and their movement is very good, when they talk you will see bigger picture for them appears at the bottom of the screen that will be very detailed about the character who speaks, and for the background it’s very simple but detailed, and it’s a little interactive as the character can’t pass over the objects and must turn around it, the design of the game buttons is very good and looks like they came from a fantasy world just like fernland, and the positioning of buttons and map makes it easy to play the game and choose what you want from the buttons.


Join the forces and fight against evil, you can see familiar faces of people you have known in the real world before, and by helping each other you could defeat evil monsters and bring peace again to fernland and try to go back to your world, for fighting you will need to upgrade your character and make it stronger, as you ply you will earn coins that you will use it in upgrading your equipment and your character, you can also use RPG fernz gate cheats and get all of the updates for free and with no external cost.



Take Advantage.

You can take advantage of the secret house where you will hide with your buddies from the overlord, and as you are there you can dispatch buddies to collect items or to help you get special effects, as you increase the number of buddies you will increase the number of rewards, but there is maximum number of buddies you will get but you can increase it by upgrading the secret house, if you don’t have enough coins and want to upgrade the secret house you can use RPG fernz gate cheats and get the upgrade for free and enjoy bigger number of buddies.

Not Just the Story.

As you play the game there will never be only the main story to play it, there will be also sub quests, monster guide and many other things to enjoy through the game, and as you finish the sub quests it will give you more coins that will help you make more upgrades and customize more weapons, also there is the planting option through the game were you will be able to plant seeds and get parameter increasing fruit, so there is many things to enjoy not just the main story.

RPG Fernz gate Hack.

If you play the game and find difficulty in getting coins and gems, you can get RPG fernz gate hack and enjoy all of the coins and gems you want, and get the upgrades even before its unlock time, and it will give to you all the items and special items and make your character very strong through the game, also it will allow you to get all of the packages for free and with no external purchases, it will also disable ads and make you play the game freely, this hack is completely safe and don’t need special permission or affect your device performance.

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