The game events are taking place in the world war but nothing is very accurate in terms of weapons and technologies. The game is trying to take you through a combat experience with all of its depth and details, but mainly the shooting mechanism.

Enjoy playing with several types of weapons and various maps, and you might want to get the Rules of Modern World War Winter cheats into action to be able to unlock the full set of weapons instantly.

Rules of Modern World War Winter was created and published by “Blockot Studios” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Graphics are very high and we have not seen anything similar to the level that the game has taken the graphics to…it is advised to use an advanced device as much as possible to experience no lag and add the Rules of Modern World War Winter hack into your plans.


Nothing is better than starting the practical action right away in our Rules of Modern World War Winter guide to teach you more about the gameplay concepts and basics.

The missions are not easy so you had better take all the help you get. In addition, there will be some cash for the first mission to allow you to purchase some boosters.

There are several ways to obtain the weapons and gears before the mission begins, but all of these methods will be covered more in depth later on.

How to Survive?

Your first mission objectives are picking up the radar device, shoot the targets you are facing the enemy’s zone right away to accomplish the mission successfully.

We have created a list of the dos and don’ts, as it is a part of our Rules of Modern World War Winter tips program.

  • Equip yourself with the right gears for the battles.
  • Do not go so heavy to be able to move around easily.
  • Stay stealthy for as long as possible.
  • Do not get yourself distracted with side objectives.

If you are looking for more advanced instructions on the gameplay, then the next segments will be the perfect fit for you.



Smart UI.

The UI is pretty much normal, we did not manage to see anything special or unique there the movement pad is located on the left corner and you can change your current position, either crouching or crawling or running.

On the right side, you can see the attack button alongside the scope and change the weapon according to the situation you have entered.

You can have variety of weapons if you have used Rules of Modern World War Winter cheats otherwise, you will be stuck with the most basic ones.

Auto Shooting Is Available.

One of the cool features we have found in the game is the auto shooting. It is optional to enable it or disable but we prefer to keep it opened at the open area battles.

The auto shooting will expose your location and there is no longer any privacy for you. So prepare yourself to be surrounded with enemies from all the sides.

Take your time before you decide to shoot, as every single bullet will count in this cruel world. There is no way to get help in the middle of the mission.


Once you complete the missions, there will be great rewards waiting for you ahead to be claimed and of course a detailed box that contains all the moves and performances you have done.

The headshots will grant you higher amount of cash as reward, but that is not the main part as you can double the rewards by watching an ad. Since, we have mentioned the ads, and then we have to remind you that the Rules of Modern World War Winter hack will remove the ads entirely from the game and improve the epxeirnece.

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