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If you have been looking for a game that is more like the famous “Battlegrounds player unknown” game or dayz on your mobile device, then this would be the right choice.

Prepare yourself to enter a vast open area with only limited amount of resources, but you are not the only one whom has been dropped into this place. Actually, you have to realize that surviving in this place will need more than the skills and luck. We are speaking about the Rules of Survival cheats service! Read the following review to learn more about this prospect.

Rules of Survival was created and published by “NetEase Games “and it is one of the biggest gaming companies in the last decade, so expecting something big out of it is a must thing.

You may download the game now on your Android or IOS device, and the requirements to run this game are pretty much average, nothing special to mention. An Android version 4.0 and up and the IOS requirements are 7.0. But you should realize that the game graphics quality is very high and you are going to need a flagship device to run it smoothly.

Pick A Server and Create Your First Character to Start.

At the start of the game, you would better check out the latest events being activated and keep in mind the starting and ending date of the events to get the most benefit possible out of it. Read our Rules of Survival guide to learn more in this regard.

Select a server to play and when it comes to the server selection process, then you have to follow certain conditions and keep them in mind for the optimal experience.

The server must be highlighted in the green color and this color is showing you whether you will have a good ping or it will be just lagging and totally unplayable. Also bear in mind the server location and how close it is to your region. All of these conditions are affecting your gameplay.

Now the time has come to create a new character and customize it freely to match your needs and represent your character on the battlefield. Knowing that the game is simply based on surviving and using the minimum amount of resources provided around you to get through. So you must have this sharp sense to know the right path to take in this journey.



Choose from Three Different Types of Matches.

Now the time has come to dive deeper into the gameplay and show you exactly how things are working in there. Before anything else, the internet connection must be stable and strong enough to handle the contents on the field.

Find more innovative and exclusive Rules of Survival tips mentioned for you down here, so keep scrolling to know them.

Once you start searching for a match, you will be getting three options or types of matches to que in. The first one is the solo que, and this was created for the players who have no friends or prefer to play on their own, without getting any sort of help from anyone.

The second option is the Duo, only 2 friends can enter together and the same applies to your opponents. Each small party will be consisted of 2 players. Not very big battle scale but still will be more than enough to give you the right amount of enjoyment.

The last queuing option is the party. Enter with any number of friends you want and prepare yourself for a massive challenge on a very large scale. Sometimes it could go out of control but with the Rules of Survival cheats, we would be assuring you that the victory will be yours.

How Does the Ranked System Works?

It could take up too few minutes to get you into a match that is matching the same rank of yours. And that is the main benefit of the ranking system. It manages to get you into a challenge with players whom are having the same skill level as yours.

As we spoke about the equality of the skill level, we have to mention that the Rules of Survival hack will grant you some sort of supreme powers. Which will be giving you the edge over any other opponent on the same bracket.

The ranked system has been integrated lately to every new game and it is a perfect system we have found so far in the online based games. Nothing is better than a balanced matchmaking. The map can hold up to 100 players, and the match will begin even with a smaller number and they could join later on different stages of the battle.

On the next section we will be explaining the main controls and the UI inside the gameplay to understand the buttons and how they function probably in the different situations. And of course there will be a detailed guide for Rules of Survival hack usage.



Movement Controls Guide.

It is recommended to play the game with both of your hands, on the left bottom corner you can find the joystick that gives you the complete ability to move freely in the different directions. Moving a little to the higher location there will be the map and heat level indicated as well. To know exactly your location and your mission location at the same time.

If we jump a little bit to the right side of the screen where your right hand is located. You will be introduced to the firing buttons. Tap to aim first if the target is pretty much far away from you and once you got the cursor located on an enemy unit, tap to fire and blast them out.

Once you enter the battle, you can see yourself totally naked in terms of weapons and materials. So having an advantage with Rules of Survival cheats could be a perfect opportunity for you.

Walk around at the starting scene to collect up the dropped weapons and other goods, they are located there to provide you with the assistance in your upcoming journey the same way the Rules of Survival cheats works.

Small Maps to Keep the Action Going!

Do not attack the players whom are having the same outfit as yours in the starting phase. These are your teammates and you should cooperate with them to achieve the greatest goal.

Help them out to get stronger since you are a user of Rules of Survival hack, which means you’re having a greater leverage over them.

Most of the game maps are pretty much small, which is not a very cool thing at some points, but mostly it will keep the battle going for longer time and it will not be so hard to find an enemy.

Give yourself the right time to understand the maps and know the right locations to hide and seek. These are going to give you the chance to snatch an opportunity to take out the opponents. With the Rules of Survival hack, your weapons will see some levels, which means your hit will be lethal as hell.

Once the matching of all the players is completed, there will be a 1 minute of countdown to the beginning of the battle officially. Try to be always the first to enter the battle to get used to the landscape.

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