A very unique game that we did not happen to see anything similar in the gaming community for the past months. Enter the challenge of clearing out areas from the invaders and upgrade your fighter to become strong enough to protect the base from this invasion.

Using Rune Rider cheats will help you with this task by providing you with an unlimited number of gems and that is totally for free.

Rune Rider was created and published by “111%” company, the name might sound weird to you but this company is climbing to the top very fast and soon their games will be flooding all over the market.

The game is available to be downloaded and played on any device that is running android version 4.0.3 and up. And when it comes to the IOS devices, then you will need only 6.0 version to run the game.

Link your Game Up to Enable the Social Media Features.

Before we get deeper through the gameplay and its components we will first go through a quick tour in Settings menu and how to utilize it for the best experience. Keep reading our Rune Rider guide to learn more in this aspect and there will be some interesting hints that will put you on the track of mastering the game.

The first feature we have gone through is the ranking system and how advanced it is. They have added two ranking calculation systems to follow out. The first one is the areal ranking, it will simply work in two sections.

The social ranking system, it will compare you with all your friends playing the game and start putting ranks for each one depending on his performance and score points. But if none of your friends have played the game, then consider telling them about it and compare scores when they play. Tap on the share button at the bottom of the ranking page and you will get it through all your social media accounts or maybe even send it via a quick message in a messaging applications.



Customize The Game for Optimal Experience.

You can change the viewing set of the ranking table, choose between comparing your score with the global players from all over the world or just your friends. And to enable the friend’s comparison you must get your Facebook account connected to the game.

The Facebook login option will not only get you through the friend’s comparison, but it will also provide you with a cloud saving option to get your score records and progression states uploaded frequently.

In the same settings menu, you may enable or disable the game music. And also there are links to the paly store and YouTube main game channel that will be uploading the frequent updates and changes happening in the game, so consider taking a look over it. Follow our Rune Rider tips to get over the major problems that every new players gets to fall into.

And now on the next segments, we will be speaking more about the gameplay and how to play the game in depth for the beginners, and there will be a dictated section for the professionals.

Eliminate The Waves in The Given Time and Proceed from One Area to Another Successfully.

Your main goal is killing the enemies with the given knife under the given time frame, you have to be quick and smart with doing such a mission. The enemies will start coming right from the sides and there will be a small indicator for the number of enemies left or about to come at you.

The time countdown will be located on the top side of the screen, keeping an eye over it whilst playing is very important to know whether you are meeting the requirements and about to hit the point and completing the mission in a very short period.

The Rune Rider cheats are available now to be downloaded and used to obtain any number of gems you would love to into your account instantly. This feature is available for free and can be used for any number of times.

The gems could be used in various ways, but it will be mainly used to enhance your strength and increase your chances of winning the arena fights in no time. So do not forget the Rune Rider cheats link that is located on the top side of the screen and add with a simple tap the magic will happen.



Upgrade Your Weapons to Keep Up with The Challenges.

If you have failed in any one of the several areas available, then you have to repeat the task and we would advise you to use the Rune Rider cheats to have a better shot in the next time. You will remain stuck at the current area and there will be almost no chance to move forward without completing the current and previous ones.

If you feel that your weapon is no longer strong enough for the current challenges, then paying a visit to the weapon’s shop would be totally worth it. Get the Rune Rider hack and start investing into some new weapon that will bring higher attacking damage and eliminate the enemies much faster, so you would be able to beat the time.

The weapons can be upgraded as well, adding some certain special items into the weapon slots would enhance its abilities. And they can be purchased via the gems from Rune Rider hack and that is totally coming for free.

Some of these small upgrades you can apply to your weapon is called Biohazard rain, it will release a toxic cloud that will rain over a small area. It deals 10 attacks and the damage is amplified by 150%, that is fairly enough for the current starting levels. And on next part, you will get to know more.

Battle Arena Instructions and Free Gifts.

Dark Thorn, it will only attack for one and it spikes a narrow thorn from ground to deal 40% increased damage. We do not recommend this ability to be taking place into your weapon but it is still something that could help out in the dark times.

After some missions, there will be a gift waiting for you and you have the full right to either accept it or not. But who would not accept a free gift from the game. Of course the Rune Rider hack is more than enough to cover all your expenses and needs in the game, but a free gift will never do you a harm.

Some weapons will have higher slots than others, but the starting knife has only 5 slots, so try to get the best out of them as much as possible, maybe the Rune Rider hack would help in this regard so keep that in mind.

One of the last features that will be speaking about in this review is the battle arena. But you must the Rune Rider hack to have the 20 gems which is the entry fee to this challenge. But if you win in there, the rewards are very big and it is totally worth it to test your limits and expand your fortune.

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