RWBY Amity Arena was created and published by “NHN Entertainment Corp” and it is available to be downloaded and played on all Android and IOS platforms.

The main idea of this game is getting you connected to the servers where you can challenge your friends from all over the world inside one ring. Choose your heroes and pick up the right cards for the battles and having a right tactic plan in your head with the RWBY Amity Arena cheats, you should be seeing the victory on the horizon!

Quick Intro

There are certain restrictions at the start of the game, you must give an access to the photo, and media file and manage the calls. You should not worry about these permissions as we have read the details and they are not collecting any of your own personal information.

It is advised to use the Wi-Fi connection at the start of the game, as there could be extra data files that are supposed to be downloaded. After that, choose from three login options and remember that the first two options 1- Facebook 2-Gmail will grant you the cloud saving feature.

Do not forget to turn your sound on for the best experience. In addition, get the RWBY Amity Arena cheats ready as well for extra fun!

How to Play?

Your first mission is to deploy the units into the battlefield. Drag and drop the icons on the bottom side of the screen and the units will be summoned automatically. Do not forget the importance of RWBY Amity Arena hack service on granting you an easy win.

Your main mission is to destroy your opponent’s side of the battle. Each card you are deploying will consume a certain number of power units. You can read the consumption rate highlighted on the top of each card.

Follow the set of RWBY Amity Arena tips that we are providing for faster successful results.



Great Rewards Waiting For You

At the end of each battle you winning, there will be a reward box waiting for you to claim it. There is a small chance to get a hero unlocked. However, you can do that without having to rely on your luck by using RWBY Amity Arena cheats.

Go to the card menu and upgrade your hero’s attributes. You might need to have enough resources to cover this operation cost.

Each upgrade will have a chance of increasing their HP, Attack power, DPS and maybe the remaining other attributes. It is mainly depending on each card attributes and their main powers.

Advanced Tips

Here are the main strategies you need to follow on the battlefield to grant yourself an easy victory.

  • Use the RWBY Amity Arena hack to upgrade your units
  • Keep an eye over the cost of each card
  • Enter the cards menu to organize your units depending on the battlefield
  • Have a card for each stage
  • Do not burn out all your plans at the beginning

These were the main instructions that anyone should be following to see the success at the game. Sometimes it is a good move to attack from the both flanks to get your enemy trapped. However, do not forget that your focus is to eliminate the main turret at the middle.

Final Verdict

Do not forget to add the latest heroes that you have received to your team. It is also recommended to check frequently on the latest additions to your cards list, there could be a strong hero here or there…

Try to find the right formula between the melee and ranged attacks. It is advised to have all of them on the battlefield. In addition, with RWBY Amity Arena hack, we do believe your chances of success will be multiplied.

There are two game modes at the beginning to choose from, the play for fame which is considered to be the ranked matches. They are much more intensive and will require more attention and skills to be won.

The second mode is play for fun, it is mainly the storyline at the beginning, but it could change to random matchmaking.

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