「Super Fresh! Never observed inventive amusement play」

The business first historically speaking AR (Augmented Reality) innovation, utilizing physical enchantment cards to filter, accomplishing a definitive dream of 2dimension by “examining genuine individuals, and raising into claim assemblies of courtesans, which make utilization of the camera focal points to understand the “live cooperation of social over the screens”, can be said the most inventive diversion play that ‘kills time’ for individuals who simply remain at home!

「Super Dazzling! God-like relics that visually impaired your eyes」

The effective properties of stir relics, Supercilious expertise of Gods, a wide range of plans that hide some incredible threats, arbitrary enormous aptitudes that will win in 1 move; Doom fanciful creatures, Dawn war! There is just what you can’t consider, however none that you can’t play!

「Super Exhilarating! Several example to create strength」

Legends headway, fresh out of the plastic new Ougi, property of the tripartite encounter incite and limit each other, rich development that can be coordinated openly, overcome the adversary without any rivals! There is no fighter who doesn’t execute foes, just a ruler that can’t be raised. As long there is mindful improvement, Liu Bei will likewise ready to annihilation Lu Bu!



「Super Cute! The most striking Japanese style and dubbing」

Outlined and drawn by heavyweight painters who are fussbudget that will spend throughout the night to draw and change the very points of interest of all pictures, each scene, each embellishment, and each authentic saint will be exhibited in the most elevated quality! Super charming mitigating characters, overpowering battle encounters, striking aptitudes’ of the Heroes, forcing line up of genuine CV (character voice), giving you an extraordinary gaming encounters satisfaction!

「Super Touched! Artful culmination with Luxurious welfare」

Free accumulation of red parcel for new servers, consistently login and registration blessing God. Following day login blessing “Xia Hou Dun”, 7 days login bring “Zhao Yun” back home! Such advantage, and such premium generation, is totally a honorific bit of the business!

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