Do not miss the amazing clan war that is about to begin. The classic series of the famous songoku is about to begin right here. Play through six amazing chapters each one of them is packing tons of challenges and unique battles to experience. Enhance your playing experience as well by using the Saiyan Dragon Goku Fighter Z cheats services free.

Saiyan Dragon Goku Fighter Z was created and published by “super Fan-Made Studio” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost any Android or IOS platform.

The graphics quality is pretty much low or average, so we are expecting to see this game running on a huge set of devices smoothly without any problems to mention. Get a copy for yourself and jump into the super fun action packed game.

Learn The Basics.

We have decided to start with the controlling system and give you a quick knowledge about the entire gameplay parts. Reading the Saiyan Dragon Goku Fighter Z guide to it is wend will serve this purpose and help you to have a boosted start.

The game is having a very similar UI to the old console games we have used to play. The movement directions are located on the bottom left corner of the screen and since it is only a 2D game, then you can only move from the right to left.

Moving can be also changed a little bit and added to some action. We call this dashing…use the dash by dragging the movement button to the far direction and only activate it if you were dodging an incoming attack or something similar.

On the other hand, you can find the attacking buttons including the special skills. We do believe that you need to put the attacking system right into the test to have a complete awareness about its main parts and to become very fluid with the usage of it. Of course, the Saiyan Dragon Goku Fighter Z tips list will help you with knowing when and how to use these skills properly.



Combat System.

A quick look to the attack buttons with a description to how each button can do in the battlefield.

  • Fist: this is going to become the most used function, as it will deliver a regular attack without looking to how strong or the cool down state.
  • Sayan Icon: hold this to charge energy and become stronger for a very limited period.
  • Shield: hold this to cover yourself from the incoming attacks and survive for longer periods on the battlefield. You have to learn how to use it correctly and still keep your lethal attacking skills on work.

This list was the main skills you will have regularly on each time you play the game. The special skills will change according to several factors, mainly progressing and advancing up in the level. At this point to have a right startup phase, we are advising you to use Saiyan Dragon Goku Fighter Z cheats to cover up all your spending and have a proper boost.

Each kill will be activated will come at a cost of your mana points in general. I guess, you are wondering now about this mana thing. You can find it located right on the top below the health bar in blue color. Both are very crucial to keep you moving forward towards your goal.

How to Transform?

Transformation is a little bit complicated system and we are trying our best to make it as easy as possible.

Use the charge button that we have illustrated earlier and now once you are very ready tap on the transformation button to become a much improved and stronger version of yourself. Becoming way stronger than the regular basis you are going through would be the right thing now, maybe you can add some extra powers as well by using Saiyan Dragon Goku Fighter Z cheats.

Do not skip the score grades at the end of each mission. It will show you exactly how much time you have consumed to get it done and the total score rating of the performance.

Keep the notes on the side to give yourself a room for an improvement; it is such a critical thing to get better and stronger over the time. The Saiyan Dragon Goku Fighter Z cheats should be topping the list of the options you will be considering to get stronger.



Upgrade Your Saiyan.

Receive your daily rewards after completing each mission; use the rewards to improve your gaming quality as a whole. In addition, since we are speaking here about improvement and how to get better, we will be moving right into the upgrade section with all of its secrets.

The main attributes you are about to improve will be listed down below here.

  • MaxHP: the total number of health points you have and how it will be affecting your game.
  • ATK: the attacking power and the damage output you are able to deal to the enemies.
  • DEF: how long you can survive under the heavy fire. Purchase new gears and equip them to enhance this part, maybe the Saiyan Dragon Goku Fighter Z hack could help when it comes to this part.
  • Critical Damage: a chance to deal double or even more than the double of your regular attacking damage to an opponent.
  • Critical Rate: the chance in percentage of how close you are from eliminating the enemies from the scene.

As we have covered the most important parts related to the upgrade section, we have to remind our readers not to forget the Saiyan Dragon Goku Fighter Z hack and how it will become the main player in this role.

Final Verdict on the Gameplay.

The gears and status are not the only thing you can upgrade in this game. You can also enter the skills section, start improving the powers of the skills, and see them dealing much higher damage outputs. Using the Saiyan Dragon Goku Fighter Z hack to have enough coins to maximize their upgrading status is a good idea.

The settings menu is not offering you many options to choose from and customize depending on several factors. Therefore, we have managed to find the perfect set up for the gaming community. Disable the music and sounds if you prefer to listen to your own playlist and on the other hand, you might want to get Saiyan Dragon Goku Fighter Z hack into service for an improved gaming quality in a whole.

The vibration as well is an option you can disable through the settings menu. It could be distorting to some people to play while the mobile is vibrating continuously on various events. So turning it off would do everyone a favor.

Do not forget to check the inventory from time to time to see the latest items you have obtained and ready to be used, either they are the equipment or consumable items to give you a stronger head start or advance up faster in the levels.

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