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Saiyan Frontier is released on 29 July 2017, as the game is created and developed by Wang Rui.

Saiyan Frontier is now available for free to download on all the Android devices through the Google Play, with firmware of 4.0.3 and higher, as the game is also available for free to download for all the Apple devices, through the App Store, starting from the IOS 8.0 and higher, but be careful as Saiyan Frontier has in game purchases, that allow you to buy crystal for real cash, or you can always relief your mind and get your hands on the Saiyan Frontier cheats to get all the crystals that you will need in the game for free as always.


Choosing a unique name is only the start!

When you first open Saiyan Frontier for the first time on your mobile device, you will have to pick a unique name firstly, before starting the game, as Saiyan Frontier is an online game, so you are not allowed to pick a name which is already existed, and make sure to pick a name with does not violate the terms of the use, as it can not be racist or offensive, so the Saiyan Frontier tips will give you the first tip of the game, which is to choose a name that is a unique one, to be remember easily by the other players, as you ca become more famous than if you choose a random regular name.

When you are done with choosing and selecting your nickname, you can see whether your name is existed or not, if your name is a brand new name, you can then tap on the start game which is colored in yellow and is located at the bottom of your device’s screen.

After you done with your name, you now get to choose the character, as the characters here are from the famous cartoon, which is called Dragon Ball Z, as you can pick Son Goku or his master Krillin.

So now is the time to explore the map in Saiyan Frontier, as you will be told to tap on the go button to find Master Roshi, as the Saiyan Frontier guide told you, as this go button is located at the right side of your device’s screen, then your character will automatically move and search for Master Roshi, as it is auto routing, which one of the pros of the Saiyan Frontier, as it can save your precious time and searching for new object or someone is always hard to do, and is not a funny thing to do in a game, so the Saiyan Frontier developers realized that and they began to do this feature in the future as well in the next games that will come to both of the Android devices and the Apple devices.


You can quickly obtain powerful partner from the Capsule!

When you reach your Master Roshi, he will welcome you to the game then he will tell you, how do you feel about yourself, as the west city is beyond the imagination, and that is why Master Roshi has asked your character to train hard, then after that, I have to congrats you as your first quest in Saiyan Frontier is now completed successfully, and you will get rewarded by the Saiyan Frontier guide with gold coins as well as the Goku N card, and to close that window, you just have to tap anywhere on the screen of your device, in addition your level has reached two, and this means that your energy points changed from sixty points to become sixty one points, and your spirit has recovered by ten points, and last but not least, you have unlocked the Capsule, and you must know that in order to unlock the chat menu, you have to reach level four first.



The world Martial Arts Tournament is very important, so you will need to be fully prepared for it!

Master Roshi will give you his first tip in the game as he says that the World Martial Arts Tournament is the most important thing in Saiyan Frontier, and you will have to be fully prepared for this tournament.

But first you must know how to increase your power, as the key point is to get more partners, so pay attention

Now is the time to open the Capsule page and get ready for the big draw, when you open it, you will notice that there are two of them actually, the first one which is the common Capsule which you can get you ten times the magic herbs, and one Senzu Bean to get a free item, so if you feel lucky one day, just draw with gold coins and see what you could get from this, as you can get a Senzu Bean, or if you are really lucky, you can get the money bad, and that bag contains at leaser one thousand gold coins inside it, so if you feel like it is your lucky day, so go and draw from the Crystal Capsule station.



Like the Facebook page of Saiyan Frontier, and claim free beginner gifts!

When you get the Yamcha card as a reward, you can choose the action that you want to do, as the first one is to welcome him to your team and summon him to become a treasured partner from the summon button which is colored in yellow and is located at the bottom of your device’s screen, or you can just release him, if you have the same card, or you have better planes of getting another characters that in your opinion are better than him, and you think that they are more useful than Yamcha does, do not forget to get the access to the Facebook page of Saiyan Frontier, as they will offer you good and new rewards for doing that as a thankful gift from them.



Always search for new rewards as you might get a stronger character to help you through your dark times.

If you are searching for the menu, try to tap on the function button which is located at the bottom right corner of your device’s screen, as the menu of the game will appear to you, then you can to get access to the DB center, and choose the partner that you have just earned and received, in our case that is Yamcha, and them tap on the button that says put in team to put him on your team to fight along with you, and to help you in your dark times, and if you want an extra help for you, you can always search for the Saiyan Frontier cheats as it can always help you.



By using the Saiyan Frontier hack, you can get the VIP month card!

When you draw from the Crystal Capsule Station, you can definitely win super rewards, as you can get Yamcha the new character here in Saiyan Frontier, as he is brave and boastful and also dependable, Yamcha is a very talented martial artist and one of the most powerful humans on the planet Earth, as he possess skills and traits that will allow him to fight alongside his fellow Z fighters when a major threats loom, when you get him he will be level one, and needs thirty experience points to reach level two, so help him get those experience points, as he will start with sixty one DBdex points, and he has a new technique as he can perform the turtle style punch, and has a power of fifty five points.

Do not forget to use the Saiyan Frontier hack to help you getting the VIP month card for free.



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