Let’s get into the kitchen and cook some fresh food for the guests and make your bistro the most famous restaurant in the town, welcome to “FLERO games” newest game my secret bistro, the game is available for both android and IOS devices and is defined as casual game, the game is about opening a restaurant and cook many dishes from different cuisines from all around the world to your customers, through the game you will have to find many different ingredients from all over the world to make your dishes better and to gain more popularity to your restaurant, so let’s talk about my secret bistro tips and what to gain from my secret bistro hack.

All Around the World.

In the game you will cook many different dishes from many cuisines from all over the world, and as you upgrade you will gain more dishes to serve to your customers, and beside making those delicious dishes you will have to make some extra delicious drinks to compliment your dishes and to make your customers happier from your restaurant, you have to serve your customers well and obey their orders as doing this and not making them wait will give you more rewards than making them wait for you to serve them.

Your Bistro, Your Design.

As you start the game you will own a small bistro and as you play you will start to grow it and make it bigger as you can expand your bistro to 5 floors and serve various characters through them, and off course the more floors you will have the more customers you will serve, also you can choose the design of your bistro and change them when you got the needed coins and items for that upgrade, or you can just use my secret bistro cheats and get all what it needs to perform the upgrade, through the game there is many different items to use and also many designs to decorate your restaurant with, and also you can use different styled tables in one floor as it’s your bistro and you are the only one to decide it’s decoration.

As you play you will need to get all of the servers as very server has its customers, so collecting these unique servers will result in getting more money and items as a reward for collecting them and serve their customers, you can use my secret bistro hack and collect all of the servers for free and with just one tab on your device.



Be the Master Chef.

As you serve customers your rank will get high, and you will continue promoting tell you get the master chef rank, and when you promote 6 chefs it will be time to celebrate! And through playing the game you will have fun cooking challenges you don’t want to miss.

As you play you will have to get different cooking ingredients and recipes from different places through expeditions, and as you get those expeditions you will get the best ingredients in the world, and if you want to collect them quickly, you can use my secret bistro cheats and get all of the ingredients for free and with no waste of time.

Many Characters.

As you play the game you will serve a lot of the characters and many of them are fantasy characters that will come to life in the game, and from snow white to peter pan you will become part of their story through serving them and help them through their quest.

Best Bistro Hack.

As you play the game you will need many items and there is two ways for that, the first is by playing the game for long times, and the second is using my secret bistro hack, and it will give you all the coins and items for free, and also it will allow you to get all of the packages for free with no external purchases, ad it’s safe and won’t affect your device performance.

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