This is a discovering game, it was created and published by “MyTona” the game was released on 8 March, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and discover the hidden mystery in the city, and use the Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery cheats to get all the rubies you want to progress easier in the game.

Enter Your Name And Start Discovering What`s Going On To The City!

Hello, can I help you? What’s your name? now it’s the time to enter the name, the name that you are going to play with and will be widely spread over the world, after entering the name, you will need to choose an avatar from the different and many avatars that exists in the game.

Ever since we met I have had this nagging feeling that we know each other somehow… maybe am wrong? Regardless, I would love to know how you ended up in darkwood, seeing as how all the roads into the city have inexplicably disappeared, long story short, darkwood is now known as the cursed city, and finally make sure to read our Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery guide.

Meet Helen And Let Her Assist You To Learn How To Play The Game!

I have completely forgot to introduce myself! My name is Helen and I’m Mayor Smallcat’s assistant, I should warn you that night later the curse appeared in our city, inexplicable things started happening in darkwood.

For example, some things have disappeared without a trace, right now I’m searching for the key to the Mayor’s office, could you help me?

And finally make sure to read all of our Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery tips we are going to mention in the next titles to understand how to play the game before you even start it.

Begin Your First Mission By Finding The Key To Smallcat Office!

Here is your first mission, you are going to help her to find the key to the Mayor’s office, so tap on the café button then press on explore to begin.

This is a list of the objects in the scene, the tools located in the bottom right hand corner make finding objects much easier, try using the Eyeglass tool.

Now its time to find the remaining items in the list by yourself, all you need to do is to apply what you have learned in the previous tutorial, after finding the last item you will be rewarded with different prizes to help you progress in the game, and finally make sure to get all the help from using the Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery cheats that will provide you with unlimited amount of rubies to get help through the game.

Saving Felix Smallcat Or Mayor Smallcat, Mayor Of Darkwood From Death!

Unbelievable! You have found the key to the Mayor’s office, no one else managed to find it.

You definitely have a talent for searching for things, the Mayor will be happy to enter his office again, you should o and see him.

Mayor Smallcat needs help, he is unconscious! I pray you, find something that can help rouse him!

Indeed, smelling salts are extremely effective, please lift the mayor’s head, I will give him the salts to inhale, thank you for help me saving Mayor Smallcat I took the liberty of telling him about you, and now Mayor Smallcat can’t wait to meet you.

I’m sorry you had to witness such a terrible incident, but were it not for you, I can’t imagine what could have happened to me, please accept my sincerest gratitude, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Felix Smallcat, mayor of Darkwood

Obtain The Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery Hack To Unlock New Features!

Stranger, you have a fascinating map, it reminds me of an ancient artifact that belonged to the heroes of darkwood, the first seekers. If can handle the map, it can only man one thing! A glimmer of hope has arrived in our city you just might be a seeker!

Being a seeker is an important job, we have to officially fill out all necessary documents concerning your new position, hey… where is my pen?

And by using the Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery hack you will find all the missing items easily.


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