Now you can play your third version of the famous Shadow Fight game. Entering the world of shadow fights and craft your own favorite fighting technique. Enjoy the several features and technology the game is bringing to the combats.

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Upgrade your shadow fighter and unlock new skills, maybe you can consider the Shadow Fight 3 cheats into the service to be able to purchase the latest advanced gears.

Shadow Fight 3 was created and published by “NEKKI” company, which is considered to be one of the biggest gaming companies in the world at the meantime. They have released the game through the Android and IOS stores and you may download it for free.

The requirements needed to run the game on the android devices is the Android 4.1 version and up. But to run it smoothly, we would suggest you to have a flagship device. Even if it is old by 3 years, but that for the maximum experiment.

Gameplay Introduction.

The game begins right on the menu where you are supposed to create and customize your character freely, there are several options to choose from. So in this Shadow Fight 3 guide, we will be talking mainly about the appearances differences, to choose from being a male or a female.

Of course, changing the face type, hair styles and hair colors are available options, and each category is offering you about 8 options to choose from. If you ever got bored from the game music, then feel free to turn it off from the top left corner of the screen with a single tap.

And now let’s welcome you shadow fight to the shadow squad, it has been created recently and it is the first of its kind in the whole legion. So you should be expecting to find everything unique and different in there compared to the regular battles and challenges you have seen or been through so far.

Meet new friends at this camp including Gizmo and Serge, they will be there to put you under heavy tests and still show you around how to utilize your skills and get the best out of it.



Your Starting Tutorial to Get Started.

And now we will be starting our first tutorial including the game controls and the different types of attacks which could be applied into the battlefield so far.

Punching your opponent can be done through several ways, moving via the touch pad towards the enemy unit and once you are close enough the time will come to press on the punch button at the right moment.

Now with the other attacking technique which is dealing a lower kick, use this attacking method only if the opponent is having a stable defensive system on the upper part of the body, and that is when you will start thinking out of the box to deal sneaky damage on lower parts.

Drag the movement pad to the bottom and tap on the kick icon. And also in order to break out the defense, you may also move closer to the opponent as much as possible and grab his waist to do some acrobatic move and drop him down to the floor. Find more innovative attacking techniques and also smart Shadow Fight 3 tips system.

And once you are set to go and everything is well understood for you, the time will come to enter some real fight and that is when we will have to introduce you to some greater techniques and advanced methods such as the usage of Shadow Fight 3 hack. But let’s not rush things out.

The New Advanced Fighting System.

Once the fight begins, there are several factors will indicate the winner and since you are one of our fans so we will ensure that you are winning every single combat at any cost and without having to look behind even for a second.

You need to know exactly how and when to perform an attacking move. If you jump on your enemy at the wrong time, this will leave you opened for brutal attacks and will simply work against your surviving and winning plans.

Also increasing the defensive system of yours via the help of Shadow Fight 3 cheats is considered to be a very interesting move that would shape your career future in the game. Surviving in the battles are totally depending on several factors and the gears you are wearing is taking a big part in this role.

Also the ability of knowing when exactly when to hold your ground and start taking the defensive position is considered to be an art.



Learn the Difference Between the Gears.

As you have reached this stage of the game, we have relied how fast you are learning the basics of the game so far. So let’s move into the second part of the game which is equipping your gears and getting your character ready for the fight.

The right gears from the Shadow Fight 3 cheats are playing a major factor in the game, and that is considered to be a huge downside because you will never be able to afford purchasing the gears you are dreaming of with the regular plays through the missions.

Enter tine equipment section and check your inventory for the latest added items, and make sure you are picking the right items to equip and sell the ones you are no longer using to benefit from the gold to enhance your strength and powers significantly.

Compare the items attributes to know which ones is going to help you the most, but the major factor that will be affecting your strength is the level of your character. The higher your level the more items are going to get unlocked, and of course the Shadow Fight 3 cheats will be improving your powers.

Get The Best of the Special Skills.

As you advance forward, there will be new skills getting unlocked but before we get deeper into the special skills we have to speak more about the defending techniques and the art of surviving on the battle.

In order to block the incoming attacks, you all have to do is to stand still and every incoming attack will be blocked, but of course as we have mentioned earlier the ultimate ways to overcome the defensive situations, if executed properly will be breaching your defense, so do not depend on it entirely.

Use Shadow Fight 3 hack to have an edge over your opponents and secure yourself a win. Keep an eye on the health bars on the top side of the screen. If your heath is getting to low, then you might want to change the playing technique.

The reward from the hard battles will be satisfying. But there are some tips you might want to put them into consideration. Such as the head hits and activating the shadow ability, these will increase the reward coins by margin. We are pretty sure that your needs for the Shadow Fight 3 hack will still be needed for the ultimate state of the shadow fighter.

The items that are being sold in the store are coming in a form of packs. Each pack will contain some new items and boosters. Purchase the most expensive ones with Shadow Fight 3 hack and become unstoppable on the dueling arenas.

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