Shadowmatic Cheats Will Be Providing Its Users with The Hints They Want for Free.

The game comes packed up with different 12 rooms and each one contains tons of puzzles and problems to solve, enter this Apple Design Award winner for the year of 2015 as one of the top tier games, also this game has been the best one at the Apple App Store at 2015 as well so we are not joking around here, this game is a real hit!

To ensure the highest performance output from your side and get enough hints to solve out the complicated puzzles make sure you are having the Shadowmatic cheats as it will save your pocket a lot of money that was going to be wasted at the game shop.

Shadowmatic the beautiful game was created and published by “Triada Studio Games” and downloading it on Android or IOS platforms is totally possible for free.

Use Headphones for Ultimate Experience.

The game creators are recommending you at the starting scenes to use headphones for the best experience and we do recommend with the same alongside the Shadowmatic cheats so you would never be worrying about running out of hints anymore.

The Options You Can Control in The Settings Menu.

At our Shadowmatic guide we would love to take a deep look into the settings menu and how much of freedom the game is allowing you to have, at first enabling and disabling the game sounds or music is available but you will never take control of increasing and decreasing their volume levels so it is stocked to the mobile system.

The second thing we got here is the availably of playing it with different languages depending on your own preference, choose between English or many other worldwide common languages to enjoy the game in and avoid any conflicts or problems.

The last but not least is the game progress, visit this section to check out on your progression at the game and how close you are from completing the 15 rooms, you can also be finding some of our own Shadowmatic tips right here to boost up your performance in various missions.

Follow The Tutorial Closely to Learn the Game basics.

The first level is the main tutorial so pay great attention to every word will be mentioned there as it is going to teach out the game basics and give you an overview of the different dimension.

The gameplay is about giving you an object that is floating in the air and there is a spot light directed right at it so the shadow appears on the wall right behind it, so your goal here is to keep rotating this object to reach a recognizable figure that no matter what is it, and do not confuse yourself as the object will be totally different and would give you some hilarious ideas of what it could be but you will be shocked at the end once you complete the mission.

Use Your Double Fingers to Rotate the Object Upside Down.

And now once you are done with the object, start using double fingers to rotate the shadow on the wall upside down in different direction, the game works both ways.

Rotate the object using a single finger since there is no need to use multiple fingers as it will only complicate the thing even more, as you are getting closer to reach the end you can be seeing the bar is getting filled at the bottom of the screen this will only show you if you are going in the right direction or not.

Enjoy Limitless Hints by Using the Shadowmatic Hack for Free!

The hints are very limited and you cannot be using it freely as once it will run out, your game will become much harder and it could take you days to solve a single puzzle, that is why the Shadowmatic hack was existed, it was created to provide all the players with unlimited number of hints so once they are stuck at some stage of the game and find it impossible to go through, they could just use it right away and save themselves the money.


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