The game story is running about the sharks mainly as you can read the tittle, but we cannot give you a clear vision about the gameplay how it is going to look like at such a quick introduction. There is no similar games to this one but we are speaking here about making a pool out of the sharks and mysterious creatures by forcing them to mate together.

The pool can carry up new species and there is a new world under water that is available for you to do your experiments and discover new things. Boost up your researches with help of Shark Evolution cheats. In addition, you can learn more later on here how it works exactly.

Shark Evolution was created and published by “Tapps Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS devices accordingly.

Very low graphics, it is not actually focusing on the terms of graphics and visuals. The main concentration is focused on the gameplay itself and that is how the game is working. Only an android 4.1 and onwards will be needed to run the game. We are expecting this game to expand globally to serve higher number of plays on the stores.

Purchase New Sharks Continuously.

At the opening scene of the game, you will be introduced to the gameplay in depth and you have to understand exactly what you are capable of doing. Follow the given instructions on the screen to unbox your first shark into the sea by tapping on the locked box.

Each second the shark will start producing eggs and each egg will result an increment of the coins one. Of course, we will be revealing more effective ways to increase your stock of coins at this Shark Evolution guide. However, for now…stick with the given instructions to pass the tutorial successfully.

Enter the animal shop to purchase new sharks or a new species in general. Each one will come at a different cost of diamonds or coins. In addition, you can see the production rate of the animal you are purchasing.

The higher and the most advanced ones will come at a great cost and we are not recommending you to start splashing out the money you will be getting from Shark Evolutionhack on useless creatures. As it will only result in increasing the concession rates on the pool or sea or whatever you want to call it.



Unlock New Species By Mixing Them Together.

From now on, we will be supporting our readers with a set of Shark Evolution tips to make them updated with the latest changes of the game and avoid the common problems that every new player tends to fall to.

The first thing you will be experiencing is the fish merging. When you put two identicalsharks together at the same place, they will mutate eventually and this results in producing something weird and stranger than the regular shark you had previously.

One of the interesting features is called shark delivery. Getting a free shark every few seconds is a feature that the bigger or mutant sharks are offering to you. You purchase all of these upgrades by using the Shark Evolution cheats and that is not the only thing that the money can get you to be honest.

The main currency in the game is the coins, but if we mention the diamonds then we are talking here about the ability to get anything done using them. It is rare and can be obtained in big numbers through paying real money. That is what the Shark Evolutionhack will be offering to you at this game.

Imagine having the complete powers and rights to purchase anything and boosting up the processes of anything being prepared.

Your SharksPedia.

Each time you manage to get two species together and discover a new species, this will grant you higher experience points and bigger opportunities to explore and expand your ruling borders. Each shark will come with its own manual to give the owner the necessary information needed to know exactly how to treat it.

Before we start giving you the complete information you need about the different sharks, we would love to let you use the Shark Evolution cheats at the first place to be able to purchase the necessary upgrades. Nowlet us begin the shark’s introduction on the following list:

  • Baby shark: the first shark you ever getting, coins per second is standing on 0.5 and size is 1m…a lovely and harmless little shark.
  • Shark: can be obtained by mixing out two baby sharks together. Do not worry, sometimes sharks just want to swim around and not care about anything else. Size 2 meters and coins per second 1.5.
  • Bull Shark: Apparently, sharks get genes from earth’s animals through mutation… that is something we have figured out after creating this species.
  • Seamile: it loves to encounter diving photographers so it can show its big smile. Size 5m and coins per second. 9.5…we are speaking here about one advanced shark and you must provide insurance with the Shark Evolutionhack.



Customize Your Game For Optimum Experience.

Feel free to share the newly unlocked or discovered shark specie through your social media accounts. This is how the game is working. Brag about your success and show them what you are capable of doing.

This also means that you are inviting them into this game to create a better challenging environment and have the fun levels at its peak. We are sure that you are going to win this horse race via Shark Evolution cheats, but let us see what happens.

Enter the options menu to customize the game and make the gameplay experience smooth as possible.  We are speaking here about enabling the following set of features.

  • Coins Text to show you exactly the coins you are receiving per shark.
  • Music/ Sound effects: we do not thing that the game sound track are the best, we would recommend you to disable them.
  • Notifications to keep you aware of the latest changes of the game, even without playing it.
  • Cloud saving feature, and we will be speaking more in depth about it on the next segment, and no worries it has no interference with the Shark Evolutionhack.

How toEnhancetheGameplayQuality?

The game is supporting the cloud saving feature but you have to enable it with yourself through the options menu. We are speaking about keeping the game files stored cloudy to your Facebook account. Therefore, everything you have achieved so far will be kept safe away from any possible data loss.

Filling the fusion bar at the top will give you a huge amount of bonus coins. In addition, after few minutes of the playtime you will be asked to change your colors and show your love for the sharks by rating the game. Of course, that is optional but we think it is a good chance to give a feedback for the developers to improve the game and enhance the gameplay.

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