Right now, you will be playing as a cowboy and live their old thrilling life with all of its details. Playing as a sheriff would require from you to know how to handle a difficultysituation and take the gunfights into a next level. Upgrade your characters with the help of Sheriff Vs Cowboys cheats free.

Sheriff vs Cowboys was created and published by “TOPEBOX” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

We cannot mention anything related to the graphics quality, we have realized that the game is more focused on the content of the storyline. The quality of the graphic sin general is pretty much in every prospect.

You can enrich the experience of the game by activating the Sheriff Vs Cowboys hack service. It will allow you to remove the ads and have enough funds to purchase the most advanced gears available with a single click.

Quick Intro to the Gameplay.

At the start of the Sheriff Vs Cowboys guide, we have decided to begin with the gameplay tutorial. Learning the game basics and understanding the main factors would help you to become a much-improved player in general.

First thing, we will teach you in this tutorial is to hold and drag your finger to move the cowboy around the field. It is advised to do this move on the bottom left corner of the screen as you can see the directional pad.

Combat System.

Shoot on your enemies by tapping on the button through the bottom right corner. Do not miss that owner up that will help you to become a real strong cowboy.

Your talents are changing according to the path that the game is following already. Your main goal should be always focused on becoming a much stronger player and have what it takes to become a decent player.

The powers will change the attacking technique and give you a huge boost to your damage output. Maybe that means that you will be finishing the game in much lower periods and achieve greater things in the given time. Find more Sheriff Vs Cowboys tips like these on the upcoming phases down below.



Optimal Customization.

The settings menu is not offering you various options to choose from. You can only enable or disable the game music and sound effects according to your own preference. On the other hand, the notifications is available to be switched as well. We would recommend you to keep it enabled to keep yourself updated with the game changes.

You can read the credits of the game by tapping on the explanation mark if you are interested to thank this great team behind this game.

How to Earn Coins?

We cannot ignore the fact that Sheriff vs Cowboys cheats is the fastest way to earn coins in the game without having to go through any troubles or even invest your real money in. so click on the link shown above to activate this feature.

Enter the shop to purchase new horse to ride as it will enable you to have one extra live and sometimes it could double up your score in general.

Securing yourself a location on the top of the ranking table would be a hard mission but we know that if you have read this full article you will manage to do it.

Upgrade Your Character.

Some upgrades will give a boost to your cowboy and help you to eliminate the enemies in lower time and effort.

  • Rapid Fire: shoot quicker than they can see for 100 coins.
  • Dead Eye: Deal more gun damage.
  • Coin Magnet: let that coin love you even more and get closer to your character.
  • Tough as nails: increase your health and last for longer periods.

You can purchase all of these upgrades with Sheriff Vs Cowboys hack right away.

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