get into the Caribbean Sea and sail towards Nassau and Cuba to free them out from the Spanish occupation and bring it back to the hold of the pirates again, renounce yourself as the pirate king and become the most fearless pirate in on the open seas ever!

as you are on your way to bring Nassau back to your hands as every soul needs a place to call him, so would you become this unique king that can bring them a home? use the Ships of Battle Age of Pirates cheats to help you out with supplying your journey with the necessary resoruces to get Nassau Back.

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Ships of Battle Age of Pirates was created and published by “VascoGames” and you can download it on IOS or Android platforms.

Game Introduction.

if you were a previous player of the game then do not ever press on new game button as it will reset all your saves and make you start all over again from the beginning so the continue button should be your aim but if you were a fresh player get right to the new game, and once you click on you will get to choose between playing the game tutorial or not, we totally recommend you to follow it and you will be also receiving information from Ships of Battle Age of Pirates guide.

And now welcome aboard captain, let’s see around the ship and how the controls worked over here, drag a line from your own ship to any place on the map so the ship would start moving to the place you have chosen, and as a pirate you should know already that you can take whatever you want, so keep sailing in the sea searching for cargo shops and plunder it out.

Increase Your Sails To Increase The Speed.

Plundering your first ship is always a fun thing to watch and live the action by yourself, lets show them who rules the open water, use your fingers by holding them on the screen to look around yourself and see how things looking, and on the right side of the screen you can take control over your ship and remember that more sails means much higher speed so this should be one of your own priorities.

Control The Game Settings.

the settings menu has various different options to edit out depending on the way you want your game to look like, choose between different global languages to play the game in, and also take control over the music and sound levels to match up with your own hiring preference without having to modify the mobile volume level itself, you can also find some more Ships of Battle Age of Pirates tips over here for free.

Improve Your Cannons With The Help Of Ships of Battle Age of Pirates Hack For Free.

turn the wheel from the bottom left corner to steer the ship in different directions, and now the enemy ship is your target so let’s rotate the camera and decide which cannons you are going to fire at this ship, remember that they will be indicated by a marker located on the water, use the Ships of Battle Age of Pirates hack as well to increase the powers of your ship by upgrading it to its maximum potential using the resources gained from the hack.

Loot Out The Destroyed Ships.

now let’s get back to the battle scene, once the enemy is within your fire rang use the cannons button that is located on the right bottom of the screen, do not waste a single second because you do not know what is he hiding for you, and once the ship is down you can simply start collecting what you came for which is looting out every single item they had on board, and you can resell these goods later or even use it to upgrade your own ship, remember that the Ships of Battle Age of Pirates cheats would come as a big aid as well.


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