This is a strategy game, it was created and published by “DH Games”, the game was released on 14 Feb, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to become the mastermind of the game by the different tactics you are going to use to defeat the different opponents from all over the world, also using the Siege Raid cheats will provide you with a lot of gold to be used on upgrading your soldiers.

Choose A Race From The Different Race That Suits Your Style Of Play!

Hello, challenger! Choose a power-full army and begin your adventure! You have three armies to choose from and these armies are:

1-Human: human has the best doctors, strongest buildings and toughest will, it is a balanced race.

2-Orc: high speed and strong power allow orcs charge quickly, they could destroy everything in their way.

3-Elf: elf is an ancient race that good at ranged attack and controlling spells, their combat capability is as great as tier beauty.

Long time ago, middle-earth been in war for so many years until… let’s cut the crap and just fight! And in in order to get a lot of gold you can start using the Siege Raid cheats.

Begin Your Journey By Entering The First Battle To Learn More About The Game!

Tap to begin the rival matching, these are the cards guarding you, each card costs a certain amount of resources, you could tap to check what cards you can release with the resources here, let’s dispatch some farmers, they will keep collecting resources for you, place cards in the highlighted area, the farmers will bring endless resources, you need to protect them from your enemies, please choose those soldiers available, dispatch them to the battlefield, now you can destroy the rival’s base! Now dispatch all of your soldiers and destroy the remaining targets, after winning your first battle you will be rewarded with a pack so tap on it to unlock, then tap on the start unlock but it needs time to be unlocked, don’t want to wait? Let’s try unlocking it now! After unlocking it you will be getting Gryphon Knight a rare human and Infantry, and finally make sure to read our Siege Raid guide to fully understand the game before you even start it.

Upgrade All Of Your Soldiers To Become Stronger And Unbeatable!

Now it’s time for upgrading your soldiers, choose a specific type of soldiers, and tap there to upgrade cards, tap on upgrade to be upgraded, the upgrade will cost you 40 gold, upgrading it means the increase of the HP, damage and damage per second, every solider has his HP, damage per second, movement speed, max deploy, attack rate, type and cool down, so work hard to increase all of your soldiers stats to become stronger and unbeatable and to finally rule the world, ok finally it’s time to add your new rare soldier to boost your strength and overall power, and make sure to read our Siege Raid tips to understand how to place the soldiers and win.

Start Working On Upgrading Your Castle!

Now tap on talent, by tapping on it, you will be able to upgrade your main tower level and increase its stats from Mid Tower HP 800, Mid Tower Damage 50 to Mid Tower HP 880 and Mid Tower Damage 65, this upgrade will cost you 100 gold, now you are able to challenge more powerful enemies, single adventure is unlocked! Let’s have a try! Tap to start the battle, in order to move to next stage you will need to pass the current stage for three times, easy mode then the normal mode and finally the expert mode.

Put Your Hands On The Siege Raid Hack To Unlock New Features!

In order to finish the daily missions that will be awarding you with good amount of gold, and to easily upgrade all of your troops and soldiers, if you want to fill all your deck with the strongest and rarest soldiers in the game, make sure to start using the Siege Raid hack to get provided with a lot of gold to be able to get all these cards.


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