Silkroad Online was created and published by “ICCGAME” company, and it is available to be downloaded on the Android and IOS platforms.

Most of the game players are old enough and the nostalgia feeling is chasing them. The game was founded originally back into 2004 when the game was a hit.

The have brought the same soundtrack and the cities are holding the same names and style. Using the Silkroad Online cheats will secure you all the premium items at the store.

Three Main Classes

At the start of our Silkroad Online review, you should realize that the game will be taking you back in time, where swords and bows were the main dominating weapons in the battlefields, but that is not it…there are some mystical creatures invading the kingdom and you as a warrior should take a stand and protect the realm.

We will give you a quick look over the available three classes in the game:

  • Bicheon: the moon is as curved as the bow; the snow is as white as the sword. Strength is important for using it, but what matters most is the user’s mind. Suitable for warrior controller
  • Heuksal: courage is the spear of destiny. It is an art of using spear learned by ancient infantry to battle violently against enemies. suitable for melee, nucker
  • Pacheon: the sacred bow of the past is a good one. The Husso sect is known for their great archery skills. Suitable for ranged, manipulability

Each class has three skin choices for you, but they will come locked and you have to use the Silkroad Online Hack in order to enjoy them.

Storyline In Depth…

Quick Reminder: the skins will not affect your damage output by any means, it is only meant for the look.

As the old towns such as Hotan, Donwhang have restored peace and prosperity in the past, the ancient road has become thriving once more.

This has started to attract some mysterious creatures and greedy players to hunt down the traders and ruin the road entirely. Your goal now is to reopen the road and take it back to the old gold days.

By reaching this point, you should be ready to progress further in our review and start activating the Silkroad Online Hack service to secure the usage of all the premium features in the game, which we will cover in the next segment.



Increase Your Overall Power Rating With Silkroad Online Cheats!

The UI in the game is simple and does not include any complications. You can move around by dragging the joystick pad located on the regular bottom left corner and on the other side, you can find your special skills and attacking button.

The special skills can be activated but it will consume mana in return, and since we have mentioned the mana points.

On the top left corner, you can find your character details including the mana points, health points, name and your current level.

  • Remember that once the special skill is activated, it will move into the cooldown period.
  • Increasing your overall power ratings with the Silkroad Online cheats.

The Optimal Game Settings

Enter the settings menu to customize your gameplay experience, as we are talking here about increasing the resolution quality and turning on/off the music, vibration, and notifications.

You can increase or decrease the number of players on the screen you would like the game to load. Increasing it will result in high CPU usage of the device and could increase the temperature and battery consumption.

There is no usage of Silkroad Online Hack at this section, but this was just a quick reminder to such an important service.

The Same Old Recovery System

They did not forget to include the same old healing system. You can now start using Health potions and mana potions by dictating exactly the healing percentage.

You can also use the auto play bot and customize it for reviving other mates or even attacking certain type of mobs.

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