A very innovative game, that you will never find anything like it in the stores. This is a game that is based over a single tap system. Play as weird items such as pineapples, maybe even hot dogs, follow certain path in order to complete the give missions which will be based mainly over collecting sugar cubes in the kitchens and there will be extra funny missions as well. Do not forget our free Silly Walks hack, cheats, tips and guide service to enjoy the game to is maximum potential.

Silly Walks was created and released by one of the biggest gaming companies in the world “Part Time Monkey Oy” and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on almost every IOS and Android devices.


The game is simply following the mission’s system, unlock new missions by completing the previous ones. Step by step, it is very simple and nothing is complicated at all. Right here we shall walk through the gameplay and explain the various features of the game to our readers.

So jumping right into the first mission, keep in mind that you have to complete the following tasks in order to complete the mission successfully and receive the three stars rating out of the three stars, which means that the reward system shall be at its maximum potential.

  • Rescue your friends
  • Collect 3 white stones
  • Kick 2 cans.

A quick tip for you to progress further in the game, tapping fast on the screen will affect your speed viciously, now the time has come to give you a detailed explanation about the gameplay.



Playing Techniques.

The mission begins by giving you a pineapple that is walking on the right leg, and if you did not interfere, this will simply keep rolling around itself on the same leg, so keep tapping to switch between the legs, and this shall increase the movement speed, and while you are tapping fast do not forget to collect the sugar cubes, as this is part of your mission.

Moving to the direction changing system, this is a very complicated move, as you should be just letting go of your character and you can see it swinging around in circles over one leg, and once it faces the sugar cube or whatever the direction you would like it to go through, then start tapping continuously very fast. At this point we are pretty sure that you are fully aware of the game basics so far.

Art of Surviving.

Actually, you might think so far that this game is very simple and there are no challenges to be mentioned, but this is just the wrong idea about the game. You are mainly playing most of your missions over tables and high places, which means if you have mission out with setting the direction of your character, then this will mean the end of your journey.

There are some check points available, so try to do your best in order to reach from one check point to another as your game progress will be saved right at this point, and if anything happened such as falling from the plate of pizza or whatever, then you are starting right from the last check point.

A Quick Solution To Save Your Run.

Once you fall down, without saving the current mission progress at the checkpoint, there will be an option to restart once more from the accident point but it will come at a huge cost. We can offer you the necessary items needed in order to continue whenever you want from the last point. Use our Silly Walks hack, cheats, tips and guide as it will work as a reliable source for sugar inside.

Also watching an advertisement video is a free option but it will take some time from you and it is not always available. You can also share the progression that you have made through the social media accounts of yours, to brag about it over your friends.



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