Simon’s Cat in Crunch Time! – a Match 3 baffle enterprise

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The underhanded crows have swiped Simon’s Cat’s most loved Tasty Treats and no one but YOU can enable him to discover them!

Join Simon’s Cat, Maisy, Chloe and Jazz, and a thrown of decided kitties on a beautiful enterprise through some pawsome new places where Treats are quite recently holding up to be eaten.

Be prepared to gather Tasty Treats, battle off enormous baddies and become a close acquaintence with a large group of creature critters in this FREE confound diversion with included CATitude!

Basic and addictive perplex gameplay! Associate a similar shaded Treats to make a tasty chain!

Play your way through the area in six diverse amusement modes and several testing levels!



Test your companions! Would you be able to beat your companions purrfect high score?

Would you be able to beat the miscreants? Utilize your Treats and unique sponsors to battle off Sir Royston the Pug, Mr Potts, hungry hedgehogs and even a treat crazed vacuum more clean!

Play with Simon’s Cat highlighting fresh out of the plastic new livelinesss

Simon’s Cat is the web’s most evil feline and has turned into a worldwide marvel. Star of more than 60 movies, which have been viewed more than 870 million times, and champ of a few noteworthy industry grants, Simon’s Cat has caught the hearts of an overall gathering of people.

We are striving to refresh the diversion with new levels that are purrfectly created and will abandon you cat incredible!

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