Try to get the Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time cheats, to get more moves if you are stuck in a level!

Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time was released on 29 June 2017, as the game was created and developed by Strawdog publishing.

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Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time is now available free to download on both the Android and the Apple devices, with the help of the Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time cheats, you can get free bonus moves when you ran out of them to continue playing the game.

The cats are hungry, so let us give them some treats!

Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time is an easy, fun and a great game to play, the game is well designed to travel through the time, as if you are stuck in the transportation for an example or you just want the time to pass quickly, Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time is your answer here.

The longer the chain, the more treats you get.

Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time is an easy game to learn, as when you first open the game for the first time on your mobile device, the Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time guide will start as you can match three of the same kind to make the cat’s food.

In Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time, you can match three or more, although if they are not ate the same direction, you can just move your fingers and match the similar until you finish, so make sure to make the longest chain that your mind can get from this game which looks like a simple puzzle.



Focus on your main quests!

Look up and you will see three different cats, each of these want different kind of food and with a specific number for each one of them, so focus on getting these specific demands to complete the level and get the three stars.

The main tip of the Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time tips is to try to store your game progress online safely in the cloud, and avoid losing all of your levels and your entire progress.

Play consequently until you access the Vip Lounge!

Try always to get special treats as it will make Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time easier for you to play and have fun, as the blue special treat, it can clear the last line that you have touched earlier, as the longer the chain, the more special treats you create.

From the settings menu which is located at the left bottom corner of your device’s screen you can now disable the Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time notifications, as it is turned on as the defeat.

From the same menu, you can just mute the sound or the music or both of them.

Once you have reached level twenty five, you can get the access to the Vip Lounge and you will receive a bonus every day for entire thirty days.

You can now login by your Facebook account.

Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time will give you the opportunity to play with your friends if you logged in with your Facebook account in the game.

You can make new friends from this game as you can send and receive lives among friends, so try to make your Facebook friends to play with you to get lots of lives, or you can always choose the easy way and get the Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time cheats to get all the love you will need for free.

In addition, you can regenerate up to five lives and play longer.

Using the Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time hack, you can remove these annoying ads.

You can access the shop in Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time by tapping at the gold coin which is located at the main menu, at the right top corner of your device’s screen, as you can purchase bunch of gold coins, or simply you can use the Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time hack and get those gold coins for free, as any purchase removes ads.



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