Welcome to our The Sims Mobile Hack by opening this review, we can assume that you are an old fan of the Sims trilogy, Use this The Sims Mobile Cheats for making your game 100x times much awesome, This game has arrived now in its new version, with everything advanced and improved from the previous ones. You may enjoy a richer experience and several new features you can simply access in there.

Live the life you have failed to live in your real life, or maybe even create a home that you would have loved to obtain at some point of your life. Get help from The Sims Mobile cheats to have enough cash to speeding up the actions and afford making your dreams come true.

The Sims Mobile was created and published by “ELECTRONIC ARTS” company and it is available now in the free version on the Android and IOS stores.

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The requirements to run the game are pretty much high, since the game is relying mainly on the processor to load the entire world map. So it is recommended to use a flagship device to enjoy the smooth experience.

Main Introduction.

In our The Sims Mobile guide, we will go through the deepest details of the gameplay and provide our readers, with the optimal settings and path that they would be taking to achieve the perfect life with the minimum amount of resources.

Of course, we will also mention the smartest tricks to obtain cash in the game. As the cash is playing the most vital role in customizing your life and making your sims living a happier and much more stable life than you can ever expect.

At the beginning of the game, it is advised to have a Wi-Fi connection ready to be used. There could be some extra files necessary needed to start the game. Without the additional files, you will get stuck at the loading menu. Make sure you are following our list of The Sims Mobile tips.

And now, with the first action you will be taking, which is creating your first sim character. Of course, there is an option to go through the customizing section and by entering there. You are simply opening the gates of hell upon yourself. The game is offering tons and tons of customizations and that is what is making the game unique when compared with other similar life style games on the stores.



Customize Your Sim from A-Z.

The randomize button will save you a lot of time and effort. So you can keep randomizing until you see a sim that you like. Once you are happy, you can choose a perfect name for the sim. Make sure that the name is simple and more realistic to fit the game style.

The sim will be the first of many that you will play in the sims mobile. And now let’s go through the customization menu and see what tis waiting for us in there. We can assure you that the Sims Mobile cheats has nothing to do with anything in this part of the game.

We prefer to put the main focus on the traits and how the sims are going to react in the different real life situations. This is the place you would love to put your investment in. And on the next segments we will be listing out the most crucial traits that you should be picking up to make your sims more like the person you would have loved to see in the reality but didn’t manage to get.

How The Traits Work?

As we have mentioned previously, we will be going through the traits system and how it works exactly.

Artsy: your sim will love painting and fill the house with beautiful portraits.

Athletic: no need to mention how deeper your sim will be involved in watching sports or maybe even doing them.

Flirty: more relationships will come knocking your door, but you have to be careful with it, you do not want to break many hearts around you or flirt with the wrong persons.

Geek: comes at a huge cost, as your sim will consider purchasing the latest technology and these items will not for free, unless you started using The Sims Mobile hack.

Musical: mainly a piano lover, but the music will become his real life.

Some traits will come unlocked as they will become available as you progress through the game events, such as the leader trait. You must obtain this leadership charm to have this trait unlocked. But for the starting phase, you may select only three traits from the ones we have mentioned above. And for faster progression or getting the other traits unlocked, you might want to take a look over the Sims Mobile cheats right away.

Traits are permanent, and they will never change no matter what happens. You may unlock new ones, but the selected ones will have stuck with the character Which works same like Brawl Stars Hack always will be number one.


Complete Missions and Earn Amazing Rewards.

Now, once you are all done with the traits selection and set to go. The time will come to begin their story and see how their life will unfold!

Do not try to understand what the character is saying, because the language has been used in the game is totally weird. And now let’s see how the new house you are starting with is looking like and how the gameplay is actually starting. A quick notice for you, the Sims Mobile cheats will allow you to expand the house or maybe purchase a new one, but let’s not rush things out.

Your first mission is to read the welcome letter and here is the summary of it” am so glad that we found you. You are the last of the Vitale family. I leave to you this house to continue the Vitale legacy. Your long lost aunt Patricia Vitale”.

I guess such a message is something that would motivate you to keep going and it is the default set for any character you will be creating. And things will get more exciting through The Sims Mobile hack service.

Increase Your Relationship Points by Following These Simple Steps.

For each action you completing, there will be experience points coming to your character as a reward. This is how you will be progressing and achieving something in the game. It might be different compared to the computer version, but still keeps you on track as we are playing it on the mobile after all.

Your neighbors will come from time to time at the beginning to welcome you in the neighborhood. You should welcome them in and start making relations with them to improve your social life overall. And if you have a room to host a part, then use The Sims Mobile hack to cover the costs and create strong bonds with them.

Each social action in the game or any action as a whole will consume a certain amount of time, so we can assume that you are in a rush and want things to go faster. That is when the cash from The Sims Mobile hack will come into service. Tap on the instant button and see the time flying by and actions completed instantly, Still we can’t forget Brawl Stars Hack French Version.

The instant action feature allows you to complete many tasks in a very short period, this is probably the best invention the game has managed to make and it is a smart way as well to collect money from the players whom are starting new and never heard about our service.


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  1. Can someone please tell me if it´s allready available in latinamerica? I’m from México and cant find it yet in google playstore, and when I look for it in the internet it says that my phone isn’t compatible, but I do have sims freeplay and it does run fine 😢

  2. Anyone knows how to socialize with the sims played by our friends? I want to make relation with the sim of my friend not random sims

  3. Is it possible to log in to the same game on different devices?
    So that I can play on my tablet at home and continue on my phone on the go?

  4. Hey I was wondering if anyone knows how to get rid of a roommate? I’m married but my husband doesn’t live me and can’t.

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