It is a great game as its coming free and you can experience the idea of competing with other players from all over the world through your small device. Send out invitations to your friends and let them know about the game. Use the SkidStorm cheats to be able to have a complete access to the game features without any limitations.

SkidStorm was created and published “Cheetah Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the android and IOS platforms globally.

You do not need a high end device in order to run the game smoothly and enjoy all of its main is a very simple and addictive game and you can enhance your chances with the SkidStorm hack. If you are looking for the usage policy, then you can scroll down below.

Quick Intro.

Let us start with the basics, tap the left arrow to steer the car into the left direction. In addition, as you might guessed the right arrow steers right of course without a doubt. These were the main functions that you are going to use in the races from now on.

There are some extra features as well to be monitored later on and we are going to place focus on this part if possible. The nitrous will boost up your overall car speed for a very short period, but we will come back later to this function with more details. Keep on reading our SkidStorm guide for now to cover the remaining features.

Keep Track Of Your Records.

As soon as you complete a race, there will be a list full of results and details to help you with finding a room for improvement and increase your records on the second try.

The three stars rating has been applied and that is not everything, you can also track the timing records with the other players to determine whether you were fast enough or you have barely passed the finish line.

Following our SkidStorm tips on the racing road might help you with achieving your goals. However, this is not the ideal solution for the current situation we are stuck at.



You Always Have Another Shot.

Restart any track that you did not accomplish your goals in it; this might be a good move for a beginner if you ask me. In addition, do not forge to receive great rewards for destroying out numbers and records on the racing map.

The rewards will come in a form of golden boxes, the rarity of boxes will change depending on your state, and you must recognize that the SkidStormhack will actually work as an alternative to waiting for the boxes at the end of the matches and receive a random reward by the end of the day.

Receive Great Rewards.

Each race you completing will reward you with experience points as well, but you must know that the experience points are mainly responsible for getting you through the next levels and unlock the main features of the game.

The unlocked features will become only helpful later on and with enough amount of diamonds and coins, they would make the real impact on your gameplay experience. Just wait for the right moment to enjoy your time and jump into much higher stage.

Tons of Amazing Cars Available.

Coming now to the part where you are supposed to obtain new cars and add them to your garage. Picking up the right car is such an art that will take so many skills from you and not anyone can do it.

With the SkidStorm cheats, you will be able to afford purchasing the strongest and fastest cars available at the current point, but you have to know which cars will suit you the most.

Look on the main attributes of the speed, acceleration, handling, nitro and off-road. Depending on your own needs and the type of race, you are entering, pick up the car that fits the track.

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