One of the most famous 2D fighting games now, especially with the newly added features in the latest patch. The game is turning to be ajar of gold. It has several customizable controls, which reflects the hard work of the team behind it. In addition, to enjoy the fully features of the game in different modes, put your hands over the Skullgirls cheats service free.

Skullgirls was created and published by “Autumn Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms accordingly.

Very low graphics quality; it is almost one of the worst games we have experienced when it comes to this regard. The colors are pretty much dark and everything will give you a bad feeling. If you were a previous fan of the original story, then we can expect you to enjoy this game as well.

World Full of Challenges.

The game events are taking place in a very mysterious world as the entire universe that we have used to know suddenly changed and there is a huge threat at the doors that is threatening to extinct the Huma beings.

In addition, out of nowhere, a weird offer has appeared as you can now become a skull girl by drinking this potion and have multiple super powers. In addition, one of the famous sisters has managed to drink it and it is going to become your main role to focus all the powers to take her down. Reading the Skullgirls guide will simply improve your abilities and winning chances in this regard if you ask me.

Valentine is going to become the main assistant, as she will be taking you through few tests to know exactly that you have survived correctly from the previous operating.

We do understand that you do not remember anything and the current moment, but you have been going through many troubles in the battles and they had to do an operation and re assemble all the parts together once more. Let us hope that you are still remembering anything at all when it comes to the gameplay and memory stuff.



Main Basics.

You will have to set up all your priorities straight before anything and since there are tons of different battles. You should follow our Skullgirls tips to know exactly that this is the optimal way to enhance the winning chances.

There are few techniques to fight your opponents with; the melee battle that will require a high strength and advanced weapon that can take out multiple targets and f course a very high defensive set that will handle the incoming attacks.

On the other hand, you can get yourself a weapon that is throw able and can fly through the air to hit your enemies. This technique is much more effective when your enemies are taking the defensive position and trying to block all the incoming attacks.

Throwing at the defensive units will pierce their armors and deal massive damage to their intents. You can also get the Skullgirls cheats to have enough funds to cover all the spending is you have done so far to achieve this point.

This is how the game is working; the stronger and faster will manage to take a place on the top of the ranking table successfully.

Combat System Explained In Depth.

I guess by reaching this point, you are already aware of the game type and the main basics. Therefore, we have decided to advance a little bit forward and try our best to help the readers exactly how it is working. Tap on the bottom right corner of the screen to attack the enemy. In addition, with some help from Skullgirls hack, things will smooth out.

If you manage to tap faster, then it will take you into the combo system. We will cove this point later on with more details, for now let us stick to the basics and nothing more than the basics.

Once you are done with the basic attacks or started to feel like the enemy is about to counter attack it. Swipe right to do a dash attack, this will dodge the incoming attack and still deal damage at the same time.

All of your attacks and powers will be changing depending on your stage of the game and how good you have been performing so far. In addition, with the Skullgirls hack, we can guarantee you a complete control over the flow of the battles and a successfully journey…



How to Eliminate the Defensive Units?

If your enemy is now taking some advanced steps and got you trapped into the corner, then you must figure out a way to get yourself out of this situation. That is when swiping twice in a row towards the enemy will deal a knockback attack.

Once you have the space to breath and recalculate your statues, you must react quickly afterwards as your enemy is to going to give you that much amount of space and time.

You can obtain a character that will receive lower damage and Laster longer in the battlefield with the Skullgirls cheats, but if you have misused it, it will simply kill the fun factor of the gameplay without a doubt.

We have illustrated all the important basic attacking techniques for now; the time has come to block the incoming attacks. Holding two fingers to block is the main move. In addition, it may not work under every condition.

You have to be as close as possible when it comes to the terms of powers and attributes to your opponent. In addition, at the same time, you are supposed to learn more about the enemy units and their type of attacks. Finally yet importantly, using the Skullgirlshack at once.

Once you notice your opponent is going with full power on you and leaving himself vulnerable, and then this would be the right moment to perform a counter attack and take him down.

Increase Your Income Instantly!

We were speaking earlier on there about the combo system but we never managed to get any deeper through it and how it is working. First of all, it is called the blockbuster attack in the game.

Managing to deal successive attacks to your opponent will increase the blockbuster counter and once it reach the number 10, then the blockbuster attacking power will become available to be unleashed.

The most important thing about the blockbuster attack knows that it will not pay any attention to the enemy’s defensive state. You can call it a pure damage and if it has been performed with an advanced weapon that you have obtain via Skullgirls cheats, then your enemy may not live to see another light.

Do not forget to open the game every day to receive your daily reward gift. This is how the game is working and it is a very basic attempt from their side to attract more players and keep them hooked up with the game.

These relics can summon a fighter from a parallel version of our reality. Use it alongside the Skullgirls hack and get any sort of a fighter you desire to be added into your army.

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