SkyChamp is an expertise based social amusement with beast gathering, RPG components and a one of a kind haphazardly created shoot-them up gameplay that will bring you exceptional fervor more than ever.

You will assume the part of a creature mentor who will summon incredible Okimons and Pettomons. You will prepare your adorable beasts, advance them and furnish them with the best weapons and gems to battle in the best flying dogfight fights.


– Skill-based allowed to-play diversion, simple pay-to-win (p2w) tricks. You can’t simply pay to win in this amusement. You can even move toward becoming VIP without paying!

– Fast paced gameplay with one of a kind Dynamic Difficulty Balancing: you can simply discover intriguing difficulties regardless of how solid you are.

– Unique procedurally produced gameplay that is distinctive everytime you play.

– Intense and activity pressed shoot-them up gameplay with current turns.



– 10 Okimon (enormous mounted beasts): Lava Whale, Hipster Tanuki, Ursaryo Fire Bear, Nine Tails Flame Fox, Tree sort Dragonfly, and so forth.

– Lots Pettomon (infant pet beasts) with various irregularity and interesting assault designs that you can summon, prepare and advance.

– Hatching tama eggs with various irregularity: Silver Egg, Golden Egg, Magic Tamago Egg, Super Magical Egg.

– RPG swar style update framework and enormous assortment of weapons, outfit and gems things.

– Online social elements to underscore aggressiveness and group building, for example, companions sending present to each other, utilizing companion’s beast squad to help in fight, incubating social tamago eggs.

SkyChamp is a perfect work of art of advance from SpiritBomb Studios’ past amusement “NOVA Strikers”, which is named for the first International Mobile Game Awards (IMGA – SEA 2016). Rather than “exhausting” science fiction space shooter topic in a solitary player disconnected amusement, this charming them up highlights super adorable and energetic creatures in chibi illustrations and multiplayer PvP rivalries.

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