One of the most famous Basketball games on the store and you can tell by the name already. Prepare yourself to enter a very competitive environment and show them what your skills are made of. This is exactly how the game is going to look like in such an interesting show. Using the Slam Dunk King cheats should become a number one priority to have the full features unlocked instantly free!

Slam Dunk King was created and published by “PIKPOK”company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms freely.

This game will be running on android 4.1 and up, so it means that the graphics quality is pretty much low and there are no big troubles you would be facing running it smoothly on your device. Moreover, we can recall the same words on the IOS side without any hesitation. Learn more about the gameplay in depth by reading the preview below.

General Instructions.

Through the main menu, you can may access the more games feature. Right there, you can start downloading more games related to the developers of this game. Therefore, if you have enjoyed the game quality, this feature would come in handy.

In addition, of course we cannot ignore the options menu and how it will be helping you with customizing the gameplay and entire experience in there. Reading our Slam Dunk King guide could be a very cool thing and probably one of the most important things.

Refresh Your Knowledge Through The Trick Bible.

Moving next to the game modes and how they are looking like. Time attack is going to become the only unlocked mode in the game as a beginner. Of course, you need to read the list of Slam Dunk King tips to know exactly how to get them unlocked in a very short period.

In addition, you can remind yourself with the tricks and how to perform them by entering the trick bible. Refreshing your information from time to time is such a very cool thing to do. In addition, we have enjoyed watching them great stunts.



Tons of Mascots Available and Items to Enjoy.

Several mascots are available as well to be purchased and unlocked. At the start, you will be given enough resources to get yourself a mascot that fits your playing style. In addition, we have figured out that illustrating them quickly in a short list could be a cool idea. Also reminding you with the Slam Dunk King cheats and what it can do in these regards are twp. important things.

Copernicus: swatting away bombs earns you points.

Rupert: prevents bomb spawning from happening, so enjoy a map that is entirely free of bombs.

Rest of Characters.

Previously, we have been talking mainly about the available characters and how they are going to perform…

DOC: adds a 3c multiplier to honeydip. In addition, the honey dip is a special item that can be activated to regain all your health points once more back to the start.

Hugo: slows time to a crawl. Get your combo on and know exactly how you will be slamming this ball into the basket correctly.

The mascots are not the only thing you will have to go through unlocking process and upgrade them. Actually, the Slam Dunk King hack will help with getting you to play on new courts and see the game from different prospect.

How to Dunk?

At the starting ranks, the tricks you are supposed to do are pretty much easy and simple. Few seconds into the trick bible and it will be entirely activated.

The balls will keep on respawning on different timings but the bombs will come up as well and you have to focus because you do not want to dunk in a bomb and destroy the entire basket net. This is exactly how the game is working so far. In addition, for a quick reminder, using Slam Dunk King hack could grant you higher chances to achieve something bigger.

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