A combat call, that will bring you into the challenge with the most famous injustice royal robots. Enjoy playing with more than 31 different robots, each one of them is coming packed up with its own special abilities and skills. Also the idea of playing this game offline is cut a good thing to hear, most of the interesting games are requiring an internet connection, but this one managed to pull out a very decent gameplay and still the offline access system is there.

Collect the strongest heroes out there in the realm, improve your team and fight the way out to become one undefeatable player. And to ensure that you are achieving your goals, use the Smash Robots cheats service and worry no more about the cost of anything inside.

Smash Robots was created and released by “Zenith Gaes” company and it is available to be downloaded from any Android or IOS store. It is also compatible with most of the devices out there, due to tis low requirements and low size.

Quick Intro.

Once we start the game, we have realized that there is no room of any sort of introductions. The tutorial is taking us right into our first battle and we are enjoying that to be honest. After covering the combat part, do not forget to read our Smash Robots guide carefully. There will be all the necessary information about every department of the game not only the battle system, so this is such a good thing to hear for you am sure.

Very Simple Combat System.

Let’s not waste any time and give you the complete instructions about the combat inside. Pressing the blue button will allow you to perform quick attacks. These attacks are happening very fast but the damage are low, and you should not relay on them if you are planning to win a competitive fight.

When it comes to the strong hits, you can find the red button, this was created for the heavy attacks which will consume a little bit of time in order to be performed, but the damage output is totally worth it.

Now, you know how to attack your enemies, but what would you do when the battles start to become harder on your side and there is no room to breathe?



Your Ultimate Surviving Guide.

Previously, we have left you a question and we were expecting an answer from you, but since we have promised our users with the latest Smash Robots tips, then this answer shall come from us not you.

The blocking button, it could be found right below the red and blue buttons. Press and hold the green button to block the opponent`s quick attacks. And as you have read previously, only the quick attacks when it comes to heavy attacks, your robot will face sever troubles. Increase your gears and robot abilities with Smash Robots cheats, before it is too late.

Use Your Special Abilities Carefully.

Remember that attacking will generate special ability points. Fight and fill the ability bar, which could be found right below your health bar.

Once this bar is filled up completely, you can press the ability button to perform robot`s unique ability. It will start highlighting on the bottom left corner, and with the right upgrades through Smash Robots hack, we are pretty sure that you will manage to deal a severe damage to your enemy.

Final Words.

The graphics quality is very decent, they are not high and not even that low. So you will be enjoying the time you are spending playing this game, especially if it was an offline gamming mode. Let’s remind you once more to upgrade and increase the robot’s variety and powers with Smash Robots hack. Free diamonds and gold shall be more than enough to see up climbing the leaderboard ladder to the top.

Once you feel you are strong enough, do not hesitate to sing up for the world cup championship.



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