Hatch your terrifying monster and get into epic battles with it through “ace viral” newest game smash city monster battles, the game is defined as arcade game and it is available for both android and IOS devices, through the game you will have to hatch and make you own epic monster to fight with through many battles with other people and make upgrades to your monster to make it the strongest monster all over the world, and learn from these battles how to use the monster skills in combat through this turn based game, so let’s talk about smash city monster battles tips and how to use smash city monster battles Hack and what we will get from it.

Many Monsters to Fight with.

Through the game there is many monsters to use and fight with, and every month there is new monsters added, and through every monster you can edit its appearance and its powers through the upgrades to it, and you can upgrade it from the rewards after winning battles, and through upgrades you can make it the strongest monster ever, every monster have its own fight style, power and skills, so you must know where you will fight to pick the suitable monster for the fight, you can also use smash city monster battles cheats and get all of the upgrades for all of the monsters for free ad with no cost and enjoy all the power by your side.

Destroy Everything in Your Way.

Through the game you will choose where to fight with your monster, and through many terrains you will destroy everything in your way until you defeat your enemy, and as you play through different places and levels you must choose the suitable monster to make him in power so you will be able to fight and win the battle with him, and through rampage cut scenes you will enjoy destroying the whole city as you play and get rewards for this destruction, and you will use these rewards to give your monster the ultimate destruction power to make him the best among others, you can use smash city monster battles cheats and get unlimited amount of coins an gems and also make all the upgrades for free and unlock all the arenas to play through.



Endless Fight.

The fights through the game will never end as there is no limit of monsters or places as they will be upgraded every month, and as you play you will be able to explore new places to destroy, you can also make a battle simulator and see epic fights, like a raptor fights against a T-Rex or a shark against monster crocodile and much more possibilities to make through the game and use them to have fun through it, beware that the game is turn based so it don’t depend only on the power of your monster because the tables can turn on you and you will lose.

Monsters Hack.

As you play the game you will need coins and gems to unlock new places and areas and hatch new monsters and upgrade them, so you can simply use smash city monster battles, and get unlimited amount of coins and gems to get whatever you want through the game, and also as you play you can unlock all the places and monsters for free, and also make all the upgrades for your monsters and make them have the ultimate destruction power, also you can get all the packages for free and with no external purchases, and as you play while using smash city monster battles you will be able to disable all the annoying ads and enjoy the game freely with no annoys, it is completely safe and won’t affect your device performance through playing the game or harm your device after installation.

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