Smite Blitz was created and published by “Hi-Rez Studios, Inc.” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

A tactical RPG will give you opportunity to control the gods in the battlefields. Your main challenge is to retrieve back the energy crystal and protect the realm from the potential destruction.

The story begins in the Ancient Egypt and it will move through the various civilizations. The animations and background effects are on the top notch.

You may consider using the Smite Blitz cheats to unlock the full set of gods at the summoning altar. It will save you time and money as there would be no need for purchasing boosters at the in–app store.

Get Started

Before we dive any deeper through our Smite Blitz review, you must know these facts about the gameplay to decide at the beginner, whether the game suits you or not.

  • The game size is a little bit large and it will consume a big space on your device
  • There is an in game store
  • You must use the Smite Blitz cheats to enjoy the full features of the game.
  • An internet connection is a must thing to have in order to start the game

As soon as you start the game, you will notice a quick cinematic video containing the various available characters. You will realize right away that the game is based on the mythical characters and old gods.

We are speaking here about Odin, Zeus, Thor and even Fenrir is taking part in this challenge.

On the next segment, we will cover the importance of Smite Blitz cheats and how it will affect your gameplay, and we will talk about the gameplay with more details including the combat system



Gameplay In Depth…

To understand the battle system, you must be patient enough. First, the units on the battleground will start attacking automatically, you are not ordering them to either stop or attack.

  • Each main character will come with its own set of special abilities and powers. You can cast the special skills on your enemy units, but you have to make sure you are aiming at the right direction.
  • The health bar will appear right on the top of each character, when its nearly full or full it will stay in the green color, and as it goes down it will start to fade into yellow, then red once it is a crucial situation.

There will be an energy bar located on the bottom right corner. This bar will gain points based on time, and the skills will consume a certain number of points for each time they are executed.

You must do the math once the battle begins and know exactly when to cast your special skills as it could leave you in a very dull situation drained and no back up plans are there to help you out.

How To Use The Altar?

You must beat the time once the battle begins, the counter will appear on the top part of the screen and surviving long enough to defeat your boss within the given period should become your main goal.

The Smite Blitz cheats will help you in increasing your powers and eliminating your opponents much easier.

By reaching this point, you should be aware of the main principles in the game and ready to learn more about the remaining features including the storyline.

The storyline of the game is not complicated and they have made it as simple as possible. You will be playing as Athena and your father is Zeus. He will be injured in the last battle of defending the mighty crystal, which is the source of energy in the whole universe…

  • Your first task should be summoning Hercules at the altar, as he will help you in this task and will provide a great assistance.

Using the Smite Blitz cheats at the altar is the ideal way to have an unstoppable team. Since summoning new heroes does not come for free, you should know that the process would come at a great cost.

That is not everything, each summoned god or hero will have his/her main attributes and a stars rating system to determine his overall powers.

At this moment, you know the importance of Smite Blitz Hack at summoning new allies, on the next segment we will talk more about further usages.



Add More Gods To Your Team Using Smite Blitz Cheats!

Since Hercules is going to become your first summon in the game, and then it would be a good idea to have his attributes checked and revised.

  • Warrior and very strong in melee combats
  • Very solid strength second to none
  • The lower his health drops, the harder it would be to kill him
  • Deals tremendous damage to foes by hurling giant boulders
  • Can be upgraded and enhanced using the Smite Blitz Hack

Those were the main attributes we have seen on our first ever summon. The next step is to customize your fighting party. Enter the section and choose which gods and heroes you would like to add to the team that will be fighting on the next battle.

The game is offering various features, but the main one is the Adventure as it holds all the information related to the main storyline.

That will take us to the storyline phase and its details; on the next segment, we will find the perfect usage of Smite Blitz Hack as well…

Storyline & Questing System Overview

In the adventure mode you will begin at the first ever mission and the remaining once will remain locked until you complete it. The new missions will get unlocked one by one and each mission has a difficulty rating in numbers.

You may not complete the mission with a flawless performance, but you must obtain a total number of stars at the end of the set of mission in order to unlock the next chapter.

The Smite Blitz Hack should help you with the flawless performance part. As each mission will have the potential of rewarding you with one or three stars according to the scenario and performance.

Before you enter any mission, you should read the description of the mission. The two main sections in the description are:

  • Enemy camp: it will has the expected type of enemies, so you would pick the most suitable units for this fight
  • Trophies: it will show you the expected rewards for completing the mission.
  • Energy points: you are not allowed to play the game for unlimited periods that is when the energy points handicap feature kicks in to stop you for a recoil time.
  • Use the Smite Blitz Hack to over the lack of energy problems, without the urge to invest in the game store.

On the left side of the mission description, you will notice that each star out of the three stars will have its own secondary task. Read them carefully and try to get them done.

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