Join Snoopy, Charlie Brown and whatever is left of your most loved Peanuts characters in Snoopy Pop – a delightful new air pocket shooter with energizing diversion modes! Pop air pockets and investigate all the fun the Peanuts Gang has in store for you!

What the hell! Woodstock and whatever remains of his rush of winged creatures are caught in bubbles! Help Snoopy deliberately burst rises to spare his closest companion! He’ll require the aptitudes and gifts of each of his celebrated personas to spare them! Utilize the assistance of Charlie Brown’s yellow kite and Linus’ cover to beat impediments and restore the feathered creatures securely to arrive. Set up your doghouse and stock up on rises as you go up against the notorious Red Baron to spare your youngster companions!


– Over 100 exciting levels with additional to come!



– Exciting neighborhoods to investigate!

– Featuring unique music from the Peanuts arrangement!

– All new amusement modes featuring the majority of your most loved Snoopy personas!

– Collect Peanuts characters, diversion pieces, promoters, and then some!

– Defeat the Red Baron and turn into a world-celebrated “Flying Ace”!

– Use the Beach Ball Burst to make fast work of any air pocket challenges!

– In-diversion occasions themed around great Peanuts storylines and occasion specials you’ve grown up with!

– Check back frequently for crisp new characters and riddles… included week by week!

Try not to be a moron! Play Snoopy Pop today!

Designer INFO: Jam City is the main engineer in really cross-stage social gaming! Look at our other free match 3 bewilder amusements! You’ll want to swap, match, and smash through regularly growing levels and occasions. Inquire frequently to see all the new amusements that we’ve included! Stick through each new bewilder experience.

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