This is a sports game, it was created and published by “Raketspel” the game was released on 23 Feb, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to prove your soccer skills, and to be able to compete and win the different leagues, also make sure of that using the solid soccer cheats will provide you with all the coins you need to get all the cards you need to get the super star players.


Follow The Game Instructions To Understand How To Play The Game!

Learn solid soccer in three quick lessons and plus our solid soccer tips you are going to understand the game well before you even start it, now let’s start with passing the ball, ok here is lesson one, in order to pass you need to swipe back, aim and release to kick the ball, ok now if your opponent has the ball and you need to tackle to take it and to do that you will need to swipe back, aim and release to tackle, ok now the last lesson is to learn how to dribble and shoot to score a goal, ok to do that you will need to swipe back and hold to dribble, release when you want to shoot, ok now you are ready for your first match.

Apply What You Have Learnt From The Tutorial And Win Your First Game!

Ok here is your first match, you will need to apply all the lessons you have learnt and we already mentioned in our previous title, you will need to score goals to win the match, and if you got defeated you will need to restart the match again to win and to progress to the next stages of the game, and also keep in mind that winning matches will let you win different prizes to become unbeatable, and using the solid soccer cheats will provide you with all the amount of coins you need to strong the best team you have ever dreamt to build.


Win The Starter Leagues To Be Able To Compete In Higher Leagues!

The game has different leagues to be playable and each league is stronger than the other, so you will need to build stronger team, you will need to win more games to get promoted  to higher leagues, so you will need to earn training points to train all of your players stats and also to improve all of your players to form the unstoppable team that will rule the game, and finally make sure to read our solid soccer guide to make sure you understand the game and understand how to earn the training points to improve your players.

Challenge And Play Against The Different Players Around The World!

Here is the most enjoyable part of the game, you can start challenging the different players from all over the world, you can also challenge your friends for a match to prove who is the best among all of your friends, but before doing so you will need to train your players, and also you will need to get all the cards that includes the super star players that are playing in real, these super star players will have great and epic stats and will secure your win against anyone you are going to play against.


Put Your Hands On The solid soccer Hack To Unlock The Different Cards!

If you cannot afford the enough coins to get all the super star cards to become stronger and unbeatable, if you cannot afford all the training points you need to train your players and improve their stats you can always get the extra help by downloading the solid soccer hack that will provide you with all the coins you need to build the strongest team In the game and to get all the super star players to score tons of goals to win and proceed to higher leagues and to be able to compete against the different players around the world.


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