The creators of the game are bragging about the ability to enjoy any type of PVP’s you want. It is supporting the 1V1, 1V3 even the 3V3 is supported in the real time combat system. Also the storyline has been improved a lot compared to the previous version.

You may now only concern yourself with the crystals. And they are easily obtainable for free by using the Soul Guardians 2 cheats.

Soul Guardians 2 was created and published by “Mobirix” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on android and IOS platforms.

Storyline + Starter’s Instructions.

Select a server to being your journey, but as we have mentioned in the previous reviews that you must be following certain tips to pick up the right server to play in. And we will Re mention them for you at this version of the Soul Guardians 2 guide.

  • The server must be newly created. In this way your chances to becoming a great player there are expanding and getting higher.
  • The crowded servers are not the best place to begin your journey. They will usually make the game harder to learn and you are not going to find many empty slots to improve.

Of course any game that is offering the server option, you should automatically realize that the internet connection is something you must have placed into your consideration.

And now with the storyline: land of humans “Midguard” even with the grave threat imposed by the demons, the humans are divided into 2 sides and have been in a fierce war. Empire “Persian” have been fighting to protect its people, nation and thousands of years of tradition.

That was totally expected from them to do so, but on the other hand the other empire was totally on the wrong side. Keep reading to know more about the game story. Also do not skip getting the Soul Guardians 2 hack to worry no more about running out of crystals in this interesting journey.



Choose One Class from Available 5 Unique Classes.

Free Nation “Strider” have been fighting for the new order and true freedom under the power of science. And that was briefly the storyline of the game. We will be moving now into the next phase, when you are going to select the nation and class you will be playing with in this challenging game.

Following our detailed Soul Guardians 2 tips system, might help you up with selecting the class.

  • Knights: they are very strong when it comes to the melee combats and physical damage as a whole. But very weak against magical attacks.
  • Magicians: the masters of the nature as they can forge out the elements together to make something great to deal a AOE! On the other hand, very low when it comes to the melee battles.
  • Archers: they are the masters of the ranged battles. Can deal huge damage from long distance as the enemies will not get the chance to see them. Specially once you obtain the legendary bow from Soul Guardians 2 cheats.
  • Assassins: Thieves and great sneakers. They can get behind the enemies and kill them in one shot.
  • Sworsingers: a supporting class, that will keep singing and making the party mates fight stronger and fight for longer periods.

Each nation will have its own set of classes, but only the outfit and some skills will be different from the other. So you pick one from the Persians and Strider, I guess you have already read about their cause and ready to decide.

Controls Explained in Depth.

Not too long ago, there were brave warriors who saved the world from the threat of the demon lord. But that must be done once more in your turn and you have to gather the party of the right warriors to fight the demon lord once more.

Learning the basic operations should be done at the very beginning of the game. So we can start with Soul Guardians 2 cheats service to be able to purchase the right items that will keep you alive fighting.

And now with the controlling part. Move the character by touching the left pad on the bottom left corner. There are four directions available but we can actually consider them as two directions only.

And on the bottom right corner you can see the attacking buttons. They are split into several buttons and each one is responsible for a certain type of attack. If you are looking for a very high damaging attack, then using the special skills should be an option.

On the other hand, the quick attacking button is available still and will not consume a lot of time to be activated. Of course, if you have used the Soul Guardians 2 cheats to purchase new gears, your attacking power will see new limits.



Learn to Use Your Special Skills.

The jumping button is available through to get you past some obstacles and it will also help with dodging out an incoming attack. But I guess we need to list out the special skills and how they work exactly for the beginners.

  • Avoidance: it can avoid and attack that is coming directly towards you.
  • Fever: it deals a massive damage to your enemies. It will only become available unless you activate a skill.
  • Soul Arts: this skill will get to learn more about your playing style as you progress forward.

We have to remind our readers that the game will always keep you updated with the different usage of the controls at each part of the game. So you are only missing the funds system from Soul Guardians 2 hack and you will be totally fine on your own throughout the different stages of the game so far.

Prepare Yourself for The Big Boss Battle!

Keep an eye over the top left corner of the screen, it will show you the level of the character and the remaining health points. Always check on the health points during the battles because you do not want to see it hitting the zero bottom. As you may get sort of help from Soul Guardians 2 hack, but that will not be as efficient if you did not know how to use it.

Complete the missions one after one and follow the path of any glorious knight would take. And unlock new doors for the next missions that are coming up. The game will be saved automatically once you go through the door or in other words, once you complete a certain chapter of the totally story.

Mostly at the end of each big mission, there will be a fight against a real big boss. You have to use all the crystals you have obtained from Soul Guardians 2 hack to purchase strong gears that will keep you alive to win this battle.

You will need more than luck and strong gears to win against the bosses at the end of each mission. The skill level and fighting technique are a very necessary parts. Also knowing the weaknesses of your enemy is such a crucial part.

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