This is an action game, it was created and published by “ChillyRoom” the game was released on 24 Feb, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and Android devices in order to bring back the magical stones that balances the galaxy and the whole world, also using the Soul Knight cheats will provide you with unlimited amount of gems to be used to help you get through the difficulties of the game.

The Magical Stones Got Stolen From The Aliens!

Magic stones are sacred replies maintaining the balance of the world, one day a bunch of bad guys stole the magic stones, and the world descended into chaos, can you take back the magic stones?

Now its time to exert all of your efforts to bring all the stones back again that stolen from the aliens so get ready and train hard to start killing all the aliens minions to restore the magic stones back, and finally make sure to read our Soul Knight tips to understand how to control your knight.

Start A Tutorial Mission To Understand How The Game Works!

In the beginning you will be finding a chest to open and you are going to find a SMG M1 weapon to use in this stage of the game, and by moving forward you will get a message to clear all the enemies in the next room, and you can click the skill button to help you eliminate more enemies in less time, now after cleaning your first room, you will be going to get a new message and its if you are out of energy you can switch to melee attack by closing up to the enemies, now its time to use the portal to end the tutorial and to begin a serious journey of killing all of your enemies and to clear all the rooms you are going to walk through, and with reading our Soul Knight guide you will capable of eliminating your enemies easier.

Use The Different Buffs To Boost Your Powers Against The Aliens!

After certain levels you are going to get a buff, after ending the tutorial you will be choosing your hero to play with, and each hero has different stats from the others and these stats are the HP, defense and energy, so make sure to choose the hero that suits you wisely and start eliminating these thief aliens, and by starting your first mission everything is going to be aggressive because the aliens are going to send all their minions and troops to stop you from getting the magic stones back, and now before entering the portal you are going to select a power to be used on your next stages and these powers are immune to poison gas and slow effect, increased poison damage to monsters, critical hit bullets can pierce enemies and the last one is getting more gems at the end of each game.

Gather All The Strongest Heroes Together And Invade The Aliens!

Your second goal in the game after getting the magical stones back, is getting all the heroes and play with them to easily eliminate the aliens, because the other heroes are way stronger than the starting hero, they have massive health and massive defense and also massive attack powers and skills, also you will need to get all the strongest weapons in the game to use them and to get all these weapons and heroes you will can always get the extra help from the Soul Knight cheats.

Put Your Hands On The Soul Knight Hack To Unlock New Weapons!

If you weapons cannot deal any damage to the aliens because they were ready to fight you, if you hero cannot match their current powers, make sure to always get the help from the Soul Knight hack to be able to get all the strongest heroes and weapons in the game to use against these aliens and to restore back the magical stones.



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