Moonfish software Limited” has released its newest game over space that will take you into the future with its military spaceships and will test your strategy skills through this game, so are you ready for the next era strategy? You will know the answer through this game as it’s defined as strategy game and it’s available for both android and IOS devices, the game is about space pirates and you have to control your ship and be the strongest one of them by making the strongest fleet ever and defeat other fleets through the game, so let’s talk more about over space tips and benefits of over space hack tool.

Great Design.

As the great design of galactic phantasy prelude, over space comes with stunning graphics and design which will give you great experience through the strategic games, you will like the design of ships, people, buildings and also the stars, the game has many different design specially in ships that you will never see two similar ships through the game play.

Also the effects of fights and interaction between characters are so good that you will see them very accurate as the real world, and with the brand new story and designs the game comes like no other game.

New Experience and Options.

It’s time to forget about fighting in the cockpit or control small amount of crafts, let’s step and get into controlling large scale of space ships and design all of the tactics and attacks of your fleet to defeat all other fleets in an enormous scale fleet fight, through the game it’s ok to fight through enormous scale battles as you can get involved in a battle with more than 100 ships in each side ad this amount have never seen in any other mobile game, so it’s time to make the right tactics and see how your fleet can fight and win through battles.



Your Fleet, your Tactics.

Luck can play its role through one on one combats, but could it through fleet to fleet? You will need more than luck to win those combats, through playing the game you can design your fleet with your style and choose your fleet ships from different amount of spaceships, from ranger cruiser, agile speeder destroyers and tank frigates.

As every type of ships have its power and style of fight, you have to get a combination of the ships to insure your dominance through battles and choose their formation with your own strategy, you can also use over space cheats and get all the needed items for making the best fleet ever.

Real Battles, Different Tactics.

Over space is not just a story game, but it’s also a multiplayer game and through it you will test the power of your fleet against many other players from all over the world, and against them you can defeat them with good tactics not just the power of your fleet, and as you win battles you will be able to perform upgrades to your fleet to make it stronger, you can also use over space cheats and make the upgrades instantly and get all the items you want to.

Through the game you will choose from different tactics and formations and also from hundreds of ships for your fleet, as you recruit new ships and crews you will get endless combinations to play with through playing the game, so you will be able to choose the best combination which will fit your strategy.

Over Space Hack.

Through playing the game you will have huge fleet to upgrade through the game play, and to make this you will need a lot of items, so you can just use over space hack and get all the items you need to perform those upgrades, also you will be able to get all of the special packages for free and with no external purchases, so you can have the strongest fleet ever through just a tab of a button; this hack is safe and won’t affect your device performance through the game play and it also don’t need special permissions.

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