Sparkman was created and published by “DO GLOBAL GAMES” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

The cool thing about playing such games is that you no longer doing repeated moves or being lazy on the couch adding nothing to your day…this game will actually force you to get out of your comfort zone in order to find a creative solution.

If you ever got stuck, you can get extra hints using the Sparkman cheats.

Get Started

This is a kind of complicated game, so we will cover all the starting missions in this Sparkman review, as our main goal is to help the new players understand the main basics and get used to such style of games.

You can see the Sparkman is hanging from his nick and attacked to a dynamite, you must tap the red stuff to remove itself and throw it into the water before the explosion.

  • Note: you can only remove the red stuffs.

Each mission will come in the three stars rating, three stars is the highest and star is the lowest. If you feel like your performance was not good enough, you can always tap on the restart button and it will not cost you anything.

Claim Rewards Using The Spinner

The game will offer you from time to time a free spin, the rewards could be insanely high but most of times it will be low…you can spin for a second chance, but you must watch an AD first. This means your internet connection should be there for the task.

  • The Sparkman hack will work as an alternative of the spin and in app shop. It will provide you with the S coins without limits.

There are tons of levels available in each stage; some stages will come with more levels than others will. You need to get a certain number of stars on the unlocked stages before proceeding forward to the next challenges.



Enjoy Free Daily Gift Up To 16 Days

The daily gifts system is implemented in the game, you can receive a nice gift for each day you open the game. It will keep on increasing day by day until you reach the day sixteen.

You can triple out the reward coming from the daily gift by watching an ad as well, but you can do it the easy way with the Sparkman hack.

Moving now the game settings menu. We did not find anything interesting in there; you can only change the language, turn on the music, sounds and turn it off according to your main preference. We have left one great feature to the next segment.

Say Goodbye TO ADS With Sparkman Cheats!

The ADS in the game are very annoying; they could pop up at any moment and after doing any activity in the game. You can remove the ADS following two methods.

  • Remove it from the in app store using real money
  • Use the Sparkman cheats and turn it off

You can easily notice that many features in the game are based on the ADS, which will take us into the main feature of the gam…

Game Hints

The game is pretty much difficulty for any player to understand the solution from the first sight, and sometimes it will become very frustrating as you have to react quickly and figure out how to drop the person into the water before the bomb explodes.

At the starting levels, there will be some free hints available for you to let you know the solution once you are stuck, but as you progress forward, you will run out of hints and that is a very big issue my friend…

  • The hints can be only gained through watching ads and that is the weakest point, purchasing them and using the Sparkman hack, which we are recommending.

It will cost you nothing, and the even in terms of time it will reward you with the hints instantly. All you need to do is to click on the link shown above…

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