A card game but they have managed to add the real-time PVP battle system into the fantasy world. So focusing on constructing your own deck and having a strategy that will take you into the next phase will unleash your powerful army! Especially with the Spell Souls Duel of Legends cheats service and its ability to unlock the full set of features and epic cards free!

Spell Souls Duel of Legends was created and published by “Nordeus” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

The game does have a very strange sequence of events and it is not fully organized in this regard. Therefore, we cannot assure you that the game will be running smoothly on your device without any problems…

Upgrading and enhancing your cards is going to become your first priority in the game, so we have to remind you with the powers of Spell Souls Duel of Legends hack and how it will change your entire life in no time.

Welcome to the Field Of battle, Summoner!

Your first mission in the game will be destroying the enemy portals. In addition, what we will be covering in the Spell Souls Duel of Legends guide will be mainly based on the destruction method and how to get it done.

At the beginning, the screen will be split into two sides and three lanes. On the left side in the blue color will stand your kingdom and the opposite side is your enemy.


The bottom side of the screen will contain some powerful cards to be summoned. However, summoning them will require a special skill and ability from you to be executed. Each cards will consume a certain number of energy points. Using the minimum number of points will lead to a failure summon that is weak and not match enough for the enemy side.

The power points will generate by the time, on the next segment we will try to provide the readers with the essentialSpell Souls Duel of Legends tips to succeed in their challenges.



Tons of Great Rewards Waiting For You Ahead.

It might look very easy at the beginning but do not understate the difficulty levels of the game as it will step up the game very quickly and you have to be prepared for this change.

The Spell Souls Duel of Legends cheats might play a vital role in covering up the most important parts of the game and there will be valuable information in between the lines here.

Winning any battle will reward you with great items that could be used to enhance your powers. However, the most valuable reward would be an epic card. Later on here, we will talk more about the epic cards and their powers.

Speed Up The Unlocking Time!

The chests system of the rewards has been implemented lately to the game and we are getting to see it more often than before. Each chest will consume a certain period in order to get unlocked and it is your turn to spend money to see it unlocked instantly.

Do not waste your money on speeding up the chests, as we will offer you with a great attentive for this method. In addition, it is much cheaper; actually, it is free!

Several Modes Available.

The multiplayer mode will only become available after completing six tutorial battles. This is a very weird thing but still a very interesting feature.

They are trying to let only the elite or the players whom are aware of the basics to enter the multiplayer mode and compete globally, otherwise it would be full of noobs.

The cards you are obtaining are easily upgradeable, but it might cost a lot in some cases of the strong cards. That is when the Spell Souls Duel of Legends hack will come to the light and save your day.

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