This is a jumping game, it was created and published by “Simon Gruer” the game was released on 8 Feb, 2017. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to get the highest score in the game and also don’t forget to use and get the extra help from the Spiraloid cheats to give you unlimited amount of gems to revive yourself back once you die.

Work Hard To Dodge The Traps That Are Hidden To Stop You!

This game is all about how to jump and how to avoid all the traps that are perfectly designed to let you fall and to stop you from getting high scores in the game, select the most suitable orb for your and start your journey with it, in the different maps you will need to know how to dodge all the traps and to collect all the gems you are finding on your way, put in mind that this is an endless game, you will never reach the end, so all you need is to just get higher scores than the others, and make sure you read all of our Spiraloid guide to know how to upgrade your power-ups.

Follow The Instructions For The Optimum Results!

Make sure to read our Spiraloid tips to understand the game controls of the game, at the beginning you will need to tap on the tutorial button to learn even more about the game controls, at first of all in order to perform a single jump you will need to tap once, and to perform a double jump you just need to tap twice, with such easy game controls you should be scoring the highest score ever scored in the game, but hurry because the different players are playing it and going to be at the top of the scoreboard.

Help Yourself With Upgrading The Different Power-ups To Help You Through Your Journey!

There are so many power-ups that exists in this game, these power-ups will protect you in different ways to protect you from the traps that are specifically located to stop you and to end your life, and also these power-ups will help you last longer to get and reach higher scores and to also break all of your records, and these power-up are the shield and using it will give you protection for five seconds, gem mania using it will create a string of 4 gems to pick them up, and put in mind that these power-up needs to be upgraded to increase its time of protection and the number of gems, so make sure to get enough gold to upgrade them and to easily get enough gold for such upgrades you can start using the Spiraloid cheats.

Challenge Yourself With The Different Achievements To Unlock!

This is the most challenging part in the game, you have too many achievements to unlock and they are consisting of 50 achievement! You need to work harder to achieve such amount of challenges, and these achievements such as score 10 points in a single run, another challenge is to play 5 games and more to be unlocked so get ready to challenge yourself and to train hard.

Obtain The Spiraloid Hack To Unlock New Features!

If you don’t want to start again from the beginning after your death, if you want to easily upgrade all the power-ups that are in the game, using the Spiraloid hack will provide you with a huge amount of gems to revive back yourself again after death, and also all the gold you need to upgrade all these power-ups, so finally make sure you work and train harder in the game.



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