The incredible “Standoff” is back as a dynamic first-individual shooter!

New maps, new sorts of weapons, new amusement modes are sitting tight for you in this staggering activity diversion, where fear mongers and unique powers going to draw in the fight not forever, but rather to death.

The diversion is at the alpha-testing stage as of now:

– 3 maps

– 1 diversion mode

– Friends

– Lobbies

– Messaging

– A ton of fun!



Next elements:

– Different diversion modes (“Deathmatch”, “Defuse the bomb”, “Weapons contest”, “Catch the banner”, “Burglary”)

– Competitive diversions (“Defuse the bomb”)

– New models of blades, explosives, new weapons

– More maps

– Skins and trade between players

– HUD customization

– Voice talk

Give the fight a chance to start!

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