This game has been breaking records since the day one of the release. Enjoy taking part of becoming a top chef worldwide. You will be given the right materials that would help you to form out a decent career. But from one point, everything will come back to you and you will be shaping out your future.

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Do whatever it takes to reach your goal, including using the Star Chef Cooking cheats service to get the goodies and coins.

Star Chef Cooking was created and published by “99Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on any Android or IOS platform.

To save and recover your game progress, allow star chef file access permissions from the deep settings of the smartphone. This is only related to the android platforms. You do not have to use a fancy flagship device to play the game and enjoy its features. Actually, it will run almost on any device.

Journey to Culinary Stardom!

In the game you will be walking through several changes of the events. Some of them would be surprising before they become very weird. But the fact you knowing how the game is planning to take you from being on the rock bottom and useless chef to a very popular and star chef is such a great idea!

The quest of greatness begins today, bring out all the cooking recipes in your head into the reality. Feel free to innovate new recipes and take your skill level into a whole higher step.

Meet Nicole, the vegetable chef. She will be there to help you with the starting basics of the game. but let’s not waste time on these unnecessary introductions. The customers are waiting on the doors so let’s take care of them.

In our Star Chef Cooking guide, you will learn exactly how to treat the customers and increase your chances of becoming more successful to have your dream restaurant in a very short time. On the next segment we will start mainly with the main basics of the gameplay.



Check The Order Wheel Frequently.

First thing to do at your restraint is to check the order wheel by tapping on it to see the next order. There will be order tickets, tap it to view the contents of it. And the order will be ready instantly, some of them will take some time to become ready to be served.

Tap on the serve button once you the order is ready. And by completing the previous tutorial, you will be ready to complete the first of your life at the new restaurant.

This is happening very fast and the Star Chef Cooking hack would make it even much improved in every aspect. This could be a shallow speech but once you dive deeper in the review, you will learn exactly how it works and what are the benefits you should be expecting in return.

After serving the order, do not forget to tap on the able to collect the coins. Following our Star Chef Cooking tips closely would be a great move to consider at the starting stage of the game.

Level Up to Unlock New Features!

Yes, leveling up in this game means a lot, as you will be getting new units unlocked and we are speaking here about the ability to serve a wider range of customers. Also the ability of learning about new meals and bringing the idea of expansion into your line up, this could be a very strong side of gameplay.

Sometimes, you will run out of the required materials to complete a certain meal. You can fix this problem by cooking the missing resources or using the Star Chef Cooking cheats right away to purchase them.

In our version of this review, we are planning to take a deeper look over every single situation. For the soup issue, consider taking a look over the soup station and start cooking it. The ingredients needed to complete the cooking process will be shown there.

Feel free to visit the dairy store to purchase the missing ingredients. And cover your expenses ant the store with the help of Star Chef Cooking hack. It is a service that is coming for free and will simply change the playing experience from average or good to Fantastic in no time!



How to Increase Your Goodies Balance?

You need Goodies to buy ingredients from the store, there will be free goodies as a gift for you at the beginning only, but from this point and after. You have to handle everything on your own, without looking for outside help, at least that is what the gameplay is saying.

Of course in our case, the Star Chef Cooking hack would be ready to give you any number of goodies you would need, without even asking for any fees in return. But it would not hurt to collect the daily free gift, consider it as an enhancer for your performance.

The game will take you through a very rich experience, as you will be actually walking through a huge city, that Is filled up with several shops. For example, we are speaking here about the Dairy store, Bart will be the main guy there and will help you out with your needs.

Select the required ingredient, and you can find a very decent description written over the ingredient. For example, the Cream, fresh light and delicious cream with a rich texture for your soups, curries and other cooking needs.

Do not forget to select the quantity as well and if you are worried about the price, then get Star Chef Cooking cheats activated to sort out this issue.

Purchase The Missing Ingredients Instantly!

It is always a nice move to bring some nice fresh cream into your restaurant. So let’s start cooking it and prepare our famous mushroom soup. You can find whether you have everything needed to get the soup ready or not. Keep an eye over the stats of the ingredients shown on the bottom left corner.

Cooking usually takes a period of time, maybe you can consider using the Star Chef Cooking cheats to skip out the waiting period. The time has come finally to see your meals getting prepared instantly.

Congratulations, you have cooked your very first dish, cream of mushroom soup! Serve it to your customers now.

You do not want to make your customers wait for a very long period of time, because this will cause them to get pissed and start leaving the place. Also expanding the number of tables at the restaurant is important, you do not want to see your customers waiting for too long on waiting list to get an access to an empty table.

With the Star Chef Cooking hack, we are pretty much sure that you will manage to purchase the right items to expand the resultant and complete the journey of becoming a great chef.

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