Become the commander of the spaceships fleet that is roaming all over the space to bring justice and put an end to the evil forces, start acquiring new spaceships and upgrade your current ones to become super spaceships in few time.

The combats experience is much improved than the previous versions of the game, it can allow now 4 versus 4 players in a real time combat scene, that is why you will need to get yourself prepared with the strongest and latest upgrades at the game, use the Star Conflict Heroes cheats so you would become able to afford all the expense and unlock the locked game features.

The game was created by “Gaijin Distribution” Studios and you can get your copy of the game via the Android or IOS Stores for free.

Game Story.

As you start the game make sure you are having a stable and strong internet connection as the game supports the online playing service on specially dedicated servers implemented for smooth gaming experience and lag free one.

And now let’s get to the game story and explain it with details for you so you would be knowing where exactly your ship is landing.

Year 4612, humanity is on the brink of a great war. But even this does not stop us from exterminating each other yet this plays right into my hands, there is always loot after a battle, you are the captain of the free cruiser “Scotland” you will be having two loyal assistants, one is a hot girl and other is a tough guy with a patch over his right eye, and of Crouse you crew is built upon the best pilots in the entire free space.

Stay Alert!

One day you will be getting a good catch, but at least that what you have thought, but as the common rule says, when all is too good you better expect the trouble! The radar will start deleting a stage signal!

There is an object incoming with the full speed right at your ship, prepare yourself for the new adventure that is coming right at your doors, keep reading this Star Conflict Heroes guide for more information about the game story.

Know Exactly Where You Going First, It Could Be a Trap!

Tina your assistant will be advising you to take a look over a trade vessel on the radar, and the signal is way too far away so this is expected to be an easy money, but Lucas sees something different, he believes that this is going to be a trap.

Once you reach the signal location you will figure out that this was a trap actually so start using the Star Conflict Heroes cheats before the battles starts as it will grant your fleet a huge boost that could simply increase your powers in the battles and give you the advantage over any other competitor.


The Star Conflict Heroes Hack Shall Be Unlocking All the Game Features for Free.

Before the battle starts you will be given the option of granting the permissions to the ships you own at your huge spaceship to deploy into the combat scene, so start pressing on the ship`s icon in order to deploy them. Also keep your eyes over the fleet strength indicator located at the right side of the screen. Use the Star Conflict Heroes hack to have enough resources and access to more ships that can be simply added to increase your powers in the game significantly.


Order Your Pilots TO Use the Special Weapons to Eliminate the Enemies Faster.

Once the battle starts you need to pay attention to your special skills and abilities that can be executed! The pilot is waiting for your own signal to start them on your enemies, click on the icons located at the right side of the screen. These special missiles will deal massive damage to the enemies so use it with caution as it has a limit and cannot be used so frequently. You can find some extra Star Conflict Heroes tips located here in the article.


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