This game was developed by the “Star Stable Entertainment AB”. And it is available for free to start downloading it for free on Android or IOS devices.

Your dream has come true to raise your own horse from the begging, and also do not forget the Star Stable Horses cheats so you would never run out of coins.


Your help is needed to care of all the new foals of the island of Jordi!

Raise your foal until it reaches level 10. After that, use star coins to transfer the horse to start stable online. The price is the same as in SSO, but it will be a level 10 horse. Or you can reset the game and play again.

Learn How to Choose Your Foal Correctly.

The game is giving you the opportunity of choosing between several different foals, and each one has his own unique abilities and powers that were designed and served specially for your needs, so remember to read the full Star Stable Horses guide that we are writing right now, so we could help every new player in the game to be able to know which is the most suitable Foal and make the rich decision.

Name Your Foal.

And after selecting your foal the game will just simply take you to the naming stage, and this is where you will get to give a name to your foal, you can see the scroll bar that can be edit and simply rolled up or down depending on your choice, but we find this setting is kind of bad feature, since you do not get the freedom of choosing your name, and you will only have to get the first and last names from the given ones. Remember to put the hands on Star Stable Horses cheats so you could be having a chance of obtaining decent amount of Coins to keep you going on through the game.

Read Them Details to Avoid the Common Problems.

This is going to be your how to play guidance, so read it carefully and pay attention to almost every word we are going to say here. raise your goal by doing daily tasks, this means that in order to have higher leveled one and much experienced foal you need to keep track of the given tasks, and where to find to them? You can simply find them in the notepad in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

The more tasks you finish successfully means the better and stronger you are becoming, and this is also will allow you to start unlocking some great features of the game which can be purchased later using the in game resoruces which were gotten from the Star Stable Horses cheats for free.

Tips and Tricks for The Game.

As we have been talking about the game overall, the time has come to also give our readers some few Star Stable Horses tips. Remember that you can reset the game and choose new foal at any time by paying a visit to the settings menu, so do not worry if you did a wrong decision.

Star Stable Horses Hack to Cover the Food for Your Horse.

Now we are moving deep into the game UI to give you the real feeling of playing the game, at the bottom of the screen you shall be seeing the goods that are available for you to use at the game, you need to know that you have to start feeding your foal, feeding it properly is actually very important because the Coins you taking and giving it to it will help it to become much stronger and start growing up in size and shape, so use the Star Stable Horses hack so you would be having enough amount of Coins so you would never be running out of it, and now let’s talk about another feature which is very unique and nice to such games which is using the camera at the game, start photographing your horse and share its pictures with your friends.


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