Choose your favorite character from a list full of different and unique characters to play with. Live the challenge of finding your lost memories and know the truth about everything happening around you as the old world you have known is about to change forever.

The stars have started to fall down and weird monsters started to appear around the globe. Get yourself ready with the STAR FALL cheats and unlock the full features inside for free.

STAR FALL was created and published by “Starfall Education Foundation” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

General Intro to The Storyline.

At the beginning of the game, there will be a quick intro with some small cinematic videos as an introduction to the characters in the game. And that will be taking us into a deeper look through the STAR FALL guide and its main components.

You will be surrounded by darkness and your body will feel cold. As you will be opening up your eyes in a forest. Night has fallen and it is raining. Everything happening around you is scary and are introductions to something bad about to happen.

But in the deep darkness a hungry wild dog is about to start his first move and attack you. And maybe this could be the right moment to learn more about the combat system.

Gameplay and Winning Tips.

You can win the battle only once your opponent’s HP drops down to zero and the opposite applies to you. Keep track of the HP bars on the top corner of the screen and try to be caution with your moves.

One other factor that will be affecting the battle is the stamina. Stamina decreases every time you attack, and when it reaches 0, your attack or defense mode switches. Successful guards restore additional stamina.

Find more interesting STAR FALL tips mentioned down here. You will not fight forever in this game, actually there will be a battle time indicating the fighting period. And once the time reaches 0, the battle ends and the character with higher HP wins.



Keep an Eye of Your Current Status.

On the top left corner, you can track your character’ status. The red gauge is the attack and the blue one is for the defense. Improve them with STAR FALL cheats.

The attacks are being controlled with a directional system. Tap the right side of the screen in order to attack in this direction. Each tap will result in an attack. And if you press on the left side will result in an attack with the left hand.

And when it comes to the middle part of the screen, you will be dealing an instant direct hit that leaves your enemies in wounds.

How to Execute a Combo Hit?

Combos are pretty much hard to be executed properly. We are not advising you to try them at your first battle. Spend some time at the training ground to get used to the hotkeys at least.

The first combo is combined from Left, Right, Right taps. Attack to the left and the right, and your third attack will inflict great damage. Middle attacks are cast quickly, but cannot be chained. Also your damage will see a huge boost with the STAR FALL hack, but that is coming back to your decision.

Critical Strikes Technique.

One of the strongest attacks you can deal to an enemy is the critical attack. But you have to follow a certain technique in order to get it executed.

Tap while your character is outlined in red to inflict greater damage. This is exactly how to deal massive damage to an opponent in the critical state. And if you improve the sets and items you are using with STAR FALL hack, then your enemies shall not last for longer than 30 seconds on the battlefield. That is totally guaranteed if you ask me.

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